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  1. Its a work of art, absolutely beautiful, and fully functional .............. PS, can someone tell me how to add to the reputation of a member, ty, and is that what a greenie is , ty
  2. Can I ask how much it is likely to cost , ballpark, for a 50 footer. Did you think about 954?
  3. So, what about the overlap, did it seem as though the 954 would be compatible with the bitumen type of thing, it would seem to be possible to do some sort of test panel by buying some different coatings. In former days one could ask International for samples to carry out test s, but those days have gone, I suppose.
  4. hhhm, as this international interzone 954 http://www.international-pc.com/PDS/2589-P-eng-A4.pdf is a two pack , one coat coating , and can be used over some other coatings [test patch required], why not black the main part of the hull with a cheaper coating, and use the 954 in the upper [splash] zone? I am assuming two coats of 954 can be applied . There are several different Interzone products, not sure which one is used for steel canal boats
  5. Watney's Red Barrel in a half pint dimple glass, with white glass triangular ashtrays on the side. A birthday treat was a visit to an Aberdeen Angus Steakhouse, which served real [frozen] steak, medium only.
  6. Yes pointess, because access to gas locker is only restricted due to he doors being there.
  7. When I say "distinctive", I am being kind. The doors appear to have taken a lot of material [possibly a usefull pallet?] and a lot of effort, and end up being totally pointless. The boat itself is charming, but the grass is just OTT
  8. I was thinking about a layer of insulating foil and some grass to keep the boat cool in summer extremes and warm in winter extremes, , but I;d not have it flopping all over the place, and it would not be there all the time. Not too sure why that little nb has those doors ,,, very distinctive....................
  9. Its a very good thing, have never seen some of these rarities, going to buy a shrimping net ! As soon as I get this boat bought grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
  10. Its very pretty, and I like both accoutrements, but have to say they are exceptional PS that mop is a tad OTT, but if it makes you smile.
  11. Correct: but only if one knows the system does one know to get an advocate or to appeal, nobody tells you, particularly not the one who turns you down, obviously. I had some sort of medical review, by someone who should be ashamed of himself, his job was to overturn medical advice by a GP, and he was pretty good at it.
  12. It is a bad system, nobody denies that: basically the Govt wants to reduce benefit payments, and that means when it comes down to grass roots level that those who abuse the system are much more likely to fare better than those who don't know their way around. Its not even abuse of the system by the applicant, the questions are framed in such a way as to tick certain boxes, nothing to do with real life situations. I did not say I was treated badly in those instances. I just said that unless you jump up and down, scream and shout, you have to ask, insistently if you need care.
  13. Wear an appropriate flotation device, such as a lifejacket or buoyancy aid – it could save your life. lifejackets are ideal in survival situations, but boaters often fall in when it is not thought likely, not sure how it is dangerous to wear a bouyancy aid. From the RNLI :- Wear an appropriate flotation device, such as a lifejacket or buoyancy aid – it could save your life.
  14. I think that the worse thing to do in cold water is to open up the core to cold water by stretching out arms and legs, best to keep closed up and use energy to keep head above water, there will be a shock, and after that start shouting for help. I did lots of aparently risky things when sailing, but I always had a good man on the helm, and a bouyancy aid, esp in winter, when I risked nothing. Even the most experienced can slip up, and fall in. We are just not designed to swim like fish, not to mention Weils disease, among others.