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  1. Indeed. I'm surprised that seacocks on skin fittings fitted to narrowboats aren't compulsory under the BSS scheme.
  2. I used to sail with a skipper on the Solent lumpy stuff who kept a supply of babies terry towelling nappies on board for hanging on the guard wires when moored on the old piles in Yarmouth Harbour. Did a grand job of deterring potential "raftees"!
  3. If that's the same as "rafting" in tidal waters then, an excellent idea!
  4. Greetings all. Being a long standing member of the YBW Forums I can confirm that the news articles posted on that site leave a lot to be desired as to their accuracy and reporting. This has long been the case and the ofttimes subject of much derision/annoyance from the forum members. I sometimes wonder if any of the journalists have ever been near a boat.