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  1. CRT has never prosecuted anyone for breach of any of its bylaws since it was created. Bylaws are not an act of parliment. They are authorised by the secretary of state.
  2. In your stove. No more lethal than any other fire.
  3. You fill a tin can 3/4 full with ash or sand and fill it full of oil, place a firelighter on top, and burn it in your stove. The ash stops the oil boiling over. Leave the tins lid on a "hinge" to regulate the flame. You will get a low heat from it for a couple of hours.
  4. Its not a big problem. The use of the canal has changed. I regularly pass empty visitor moorings on the GU, there's no problem here.
  5. ScribD is not free. Three documents per month are free.
  6. I have already used up the three free documents per month reading the select committee minutes.
  7. Not if I have to pay $8.99 to view it.
  8. Do not mix lubricating oils in with Diesel. Lubricating oil whether used or new does not burn completely in a diesel engine , it leaves an abrasive ash which wears out the bores, and rings in a short time, this has nothing to do with the dirt in used oil, and filtering makes no difference, it is the nature of the oil and the additives in the oil itself. All the properly conducted tests so far that I've seen with using waste lubricating oil as fuel have cost more in engine rebuild cost than was saved in fuel costs.
  9. The extra charge over and above a standard pleasure boat licence for this static letting licence is then unlawful ?
  10. From "CRT has no power to impose visitor mooring time limits, maximum stays per month or “extended stay” charges; BW provided evidence to the Select Committee that drafted the 1995 Act that all such signs were advisory at the time, and they remain advisory to this day because the legislation regarding visitor moorings and overstaying fines that BW wanted was denied by the Select Committee."
  11. Where do the powers to create this new licence category come from ?
  12. Mr justice Hildyard's judgement. "BWB, not being a natural person but a creature of statute, has only those powers with which it is endowed by statute and (b) in the event of ambiguity, such powers should ordinarily be strictly construed if a wider construction would deprive a member of the public of an existing right." CaRT does not have the power to create its own licence terms and conditions without the consent of parliment or the sec. of state ( bylaws), and BW never claimed such a power, in fact they told parliment they did not have this power, and demonstrated this fact by seeking 11 further acts of parliment post 1962, and four changes to bylaws, which would have been unnecessary if section 43. 1962 transport act gave them this power, like they claim.
  13. Business licence terms and conditions 11.8 If you give permission to any other person to use or have control of the Boat, you must ensure that they are aware of these Licence Terms. You will be held responsible for their actions (which covers what they may do or fail to do) and for any breach of the Licence Terms as result of their actions.
  14. Yes, the " master " is not necessarily the owner, my mistake. Is the licence application made by the master or owner ?
  15. I have no idea to be honest. The bylaws state “master” means the person having for the time being the command, charge or management of a pleasure boat or commercial vessel" But the licence application is made by the owner of the vessel.