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  1. Thanks for the offers everyone, as soon as Martin has confirmed the dates I'll get in touch with you. I'll take a look at the longer, but less locks, route, thanks for the suggestion! The original CanalplanAC route was based on days up to 5 hours long (all those locks!) as I don't really mind long and easy days but locks take it out of me a bit as I'm not as fit as I used to be...
  2. I will be moving Tichitoro from her home mooring on the Shroppy (Near Brewood Visitor Moorings) to Martin Kedion's works on the Grand Union - a little jaunt of just over 50 miles and 91 locks! This is anticipated about September (whenever Martin has the free space so a firm date is yet to be set) and the journey should take around 9 days to complete. In advance, would anyone here be willing to help me make the trip? My wife can't do this one as she must be the chauffer at both ends and will be looking after home and dogs. Food & drink aplenty offered in exchange.... Any offers of help would be greatly appreciated thanks! David
  3. Strange but the ebay ones were very reluctant to go into my engine, the thread appeared larger so for now have not fitted them. But while I was sitting in the engine 'ole I spent a happy hour or so cleaning out the glow plug holes with a 4mm long drill bit and just a little cussing... Having removed enough hard carbon to have me searching for any missed diamonds and then replaced the original glow plugs there is already a noticible difference in starting from cold, 45 seconds of heating and the engine starts in a few seconds, very encouraging! When I am next at the boat I'll have a go at getting the ebay plugs in again, just to see if I was being a little too cautious. For now well pleased anyway.
  4. Brilliant! Have a greenie
  5. I am tempted to send the other supplier's plugs back, they look like they were pulled from an engine or 2 and look (and measure - I used my coil building deck to measure resistance on the plugs) as tired as the ones already in my engine! The ebay ones are new, shiny and under 2 ohms resistance so should glow a lot brighter than the champion ones, which could mean easier starting... That and they were only £15 (a bit less) compared to £72! A refund is going to be requested I think.
  6. Both original Champion glow plugs and the ones from ebay have arrived. The ebay ones are in individual boxes and very clean, I'm impressed, if I hadn't left my multimeter on the boat it would have been fun to compare resistance of the units. Will fit one of the sets when next at the boat (after a good cleaning of all the plugholes) and hope that they help
  7. I put a DAB headset in my car to replace the broken FM radio, added a signal amplifier to give a little compensation for the 'FM' aerial incompatibility and found that reception (particularly in the Welsh Valleys where I then lived) on DAB was not particularly predictable, often being non-existent. I did try one of the on glass DAB antennas but found the result to be the same as the car aerial. Result was that DAB head unit was removed and replaced with a conventional FM one, apart from a couple of known dead spots it works - particularly where the DAB unit just sulked... Maybe Wales doesn't count for the magic 50% as it is almost unpopulated in comparison to much of England Even if there are so many beautiful views to be had! The DAB unit will make its way onto the boat in the near future, replacing the (still original - and working) LW/MW pushbutton unit onboard.
  8. What you say is absolutely true Athy, but without proportional representation (almost guaranteed to make coalition governments) in party strongholds it takes a big swing to change things. I wasn't complaining, I chose to live in those places and wouldn't have it any other way.
  9. I did and I did... Now back in the West country, just in time for another election...
  10. We are fortunate that THAT vote in particular was a 'peoples' vote and not by constituency. Oddly enough it was one that I made a point of voting in, having lived for many years in both Conservative and Labour 'Safe' seats my own Election votes were of little effect. At least the Brexit vote enabled everyone of voting age to make a choice without political boundary, every individual who voted counts regardless of which way they voted. The majority chose exit and the avid remainers complained that it wasn't fair (maybe not their exact words..), but then - whichever way it went - there would have been the same cries of despair. My vote was counted that day and that was the best I could hope for. The rest is history as they say.
  11. OH NO!!! Ear Bug now! Worth a greenie, even if I dislike you intensely for the bug
  12. A little link for a potentially useful regulator from Ebay Hope it helps.
  13. True, I do not have to prove 'bona fide' continuous navigation and may return to the same neighbourhood on trips out from my mooring as often as I choose. The intent of the comment was regarding the 14 day rule on moorings not signposted to be of any other fixed period. Perhaps I should have made that point clearer. Thanks for pointing it out, Alan.
  14. Ahhhh... That explains everything. (note to self: add sandpaper to shopping list)
  15. I know! I know!! The positive cables are different thicknesses See, problem solved!