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  1. A socio-economic (only economic once typo on my behalf oops) group is a way of describing different strands of society, for example 'middle Englanders- middle class reasonable income homeowner etc. People who live on boats, varied background incomes and so on but easily identifiable as a 'group'. Ethnic Travellers include Roma, Gypsies and Irish Travellers, all with a long heritage of an itinerant lifestyle. 'New Travellers' are generally referred to as a socio-economic group, however second and third generation would argue that they should now be recognised as an ethnic group.
  2. Nessie ................! Possibly a polecat, they swim well and about same size as mink.
  3. Strictly speaking the NBTA represent a 'socio-economic economic' group, rather than ethnic Travellers.
  4. widebeam

    The Kennet and Avon can be challenging in parts but it is very beautiful and we'll worth a visit. Many novices have a go and any reputable hire boat company will do a handover, demonstrating lock use and how to cruise the boat. Shame July is booked, they are very popular boats to hire, we see them regularly in the season. Good luck with your search.
  5. widebeam

    Hi Felix the cat, no its not hard to navigate a lock on a widebeam. If you want to hire for a holiday, Moonboats at Honeystreet, Wiltshire on the Kennet and Avon canal have a small fleet of luxury widebeams to hire. If you Google them you should get a hit for their website.
  6. Thanks
  7. Or perhaps it's uttered by the long suffering staff as someone suddenly disappears to form a dishevelled heap?
  8. Indeed - I have not found out why it's called a ha ha though!
  9. Just curious, I have heard tape compresses and then leaks, I take it you haven't had this problem? How long has the tape been in place?
  10. You can also do the above using Sikaflex, but be aware it's a hard job to remove them later should you need to, so an option if you don't intend to take them out again. Creeping Crack Cure is also useful for in situ wins, and small leaks. You just apply it sparingly around the frame, it's very liquid and finds its way in to any gaps and then solidifies to a rubbery texture stopping water ingress.
  11. We get a few regulars here on the K and A who are after pike, I have seen some really big fish (pike) in the shallows when we cruise by.
  12. Off topic but I am Wiltshire/Berkshire based, have fun, maybe see you cruising by some time and welcome
  13. That's quite some hike, is there a process for appealing it? Surely that must be over market value.
  14. Natural selection ...........
  15. I use International Polwax, it gets the stains off well and hasn't damaged the paint work. You do need some elbow grease though ...........