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  1. You'll find that in the Lysergic range!!!!!!
  2. Ha ha except he would have to bring coffee
  3. This follows on from what I said and is well worth doing. Our enforcement officer has always been helpful and understanding on the rare occasions a problem has occurred. Offer of a cup of tea goes down well
  4. Contacting CRT in the first instance is good advice, also find out who the enforcement officer is as he/she will be your first point of contact if you cannot move. There are loose guidelines on CRT website about CCing, bear in mind they are guidelines, not statute, and this situation has being forced on you. Consider joining a boating group, for advice and guidance. I continously cruise on the K and A, over about a 30 mile distance before turning around, and cruise further when on holiday. This seems to keep the powers that be happy.
  5. Our friends boat was wall papered and looked really good, they lived aboard, the paper lasted well.
  6. Not sure, a Father Pivoine is mentioned, could be him?
  7. Azalée the cow, Ambroise the snail, Flappy the Spanish rabbit, Margote a girl, and Jouvence Pio, a gardener who starts every sentence with "Hep Hep Hep". According to Wiki-spin
  8. He's the dog in the original French Magic Roundabout!
  9. I'm not an engine expert, but I have not heard anything untoward. The spec is good for a first time boat, and you are fortunate you can spend enough to not have to buy a complete shed. I hope all goes well. Don't forget to put the celebration champers in the second fridge
  10. Haven't got a bath so better drink it - only the best Bolly daaahhling .............. (Do enjoy a cheeky little Merlot though)
  11. Ha ha what are you man or mouse - get in touch with your feminine side Doesn't stop me cruising our Blue boat ...........
  12. It's very pink looks really nice, if you're serious about it get a survey done before you decide. Good luck!
  13. Try Ladies Bridge moorings at Wilcot, moorings at top of Caen Hill flight, Pewsey Boat club, moorings at the Waterfront pub Pewsey, Moonraker boats Honey Street. Contact details should be on CRT website and t'Internet.
  14. Tiller - I have a tiller on our widebeam, which is easy to steer. The widebeams with wheels I have seen on the cut SEEM to be a lot of hard work to keep straight - might be down to the steerer though