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  1. What's wrong with the Eberspacher, can it not be fixed/serviced?
  2. Skol to that! talking of which a cheeky little Shiraz awaits ........
  3. Good luck hope all goes to plan. Only when the sun is over the yard arm - doesn't matter which hemisphere!
  4. This one does both, and single handed when necessary ......... We both enjoy cruising and locking
  5. Ha ha what's lock wheeling, is it what hubby does, I cruise ......... Yes way too hot beginning of the week, I was starting work (gardening) extra early so to finish before the afternoon heat, I think I survived
  6. We take our 2 staffies river swimming so they are soaking wet, keeps them cool for hours. If they are on the boat when we are not we draw shut the curtains and blinds, which keeps the temperature down.
  7. Ha ha love that
  8. Tuckey's transported our widebeam from Warwickshire down to Bradford on Avon. Very professional and not a mark on the boat. Cost was negotiated via the boat builder, and was very reasonable.
  9. Widebeams are great, ours is 58ft by 10ft and no problem to cruise and moor, you will soon get the knack. We both cruise single handed when necessary, it's not an issue.
  10. Replaced all of our halogen lights with LEDS from Bedazzled, they're voltage spike protected and are a good swap. Warm white works best. I spoke to the chap there for some advice before I ordered them, he was very helpful.
  11. Oh I don't know you have the homogenous shopping centre, large council estates lacking any investment and a massive television screen affixed to the side of a multi storey car park - is this not modern culture............
  12. Ha ha ha, unfortunately the one in Hungerford is no longer. No I am describing the cultured delights of Swindon
  13. Going on from this Witshire, Thamesdown and Berkshire councils have reduced their opening hours and introduced permit or resident only use to their refuse and recycling sites. This means you can only bring refuse and recycling if you live in the area and can prove it and if you have a van you can only use the facilities x amount of times per year. I have already noticed fly tipping starting to occur by the roads and on farmers' land. Ultimately this is surely going to cost the local authorities more, striking me as being rather short sighted. Surely in this day and age people should be encouraged to recycle not have it made harder?
  14. I love the launderette I use, it's in a shady part of the town with a smashed door and a strong smell of weed in the air. I get to meet some very interesting characters!
  15. Love the bay window, very des res