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  1. Thanks for all of your replies. I will be getting a coal/wood burning stove but not ready for it yet. I will remove the room stat and stop touching stuff that I dont understand ...............................
  2. Ive tried wireing in a room stat but it works for a while and then on the 2nd or 3rd time of turning off when the temp set on the stat is reached it does not turn back on. I get the feeling I have either wired incorrectly or the webasto start timer has done its 3 starts then will not start again ? is there a way of clearing the 3 programed start times so that it just starts and stops when the temprature reaches or falls below the set temperature ? Any advise gratefully received ............... thanks Gal.
  3. I have fitted a basic Honeywell thermostat. I have to press the ignition (flame emblem) webasto timer/controller and leave it on, when the temperature is set and reached the thermostat contacts open and the webasto switches off, and comes back on when the temperature drops (all good). This all works fine for a while but then the webasto timer/controller apears to switch itself off and I have to press the flame button to start the process again........... Does anyone why this is happening ?
  4. Im looking at redesigning the shower room on my 60' narrowboat. Iam thinking of cutting the floor an sinking the shower tray so that it sits directly on the joists so I have a a bit more head height. Has anyone done this or have any other solutions ?
  5. How do you get an 8'x4' sheet of 18mm ply into a narrowboat. I havnt tried yet, but is it possible ?