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  1. please don't bildge pump all that spilt oil into the canal...
  2. Hello, Are you swapping engine like for like? . If so it will be a lot cheaper, no engine mounts to modify
  3. Any pictures??? See how bad it is...
  4. Same here, on a tablet on the desktop version I just used to click on a thread and it would take me down to any new posts which was great as I didn't have to read it all again trying to find out where I was (hard work when threads get over 2 pages). I guess I'll have to get used to clicking blue dots from now on, tbh I didn't even realise that the blue dots did anything on the old site...
  5. I do get an option on the Google Chrome browser to 'request desktop site', and that is the style I prefer however there seems to be no way of making it permanent. Every time I click a new topic or go back a page it swaps back to the mobile version...
  6. Oh ok thanks, i guess I'll have to learn to like it...
  7. Hi there, Was wondering if there is any way to get this new forum software to default to the desktop version on my tablet? I'm on Google Chrome and have an 8 inch screen and prefer the desktop version over the mobile version it seems to have defaulted to. The old site used to always go to the desktop version without changing any of the settings...
  8. Yes that was the opening question but it was only asked because crt denied sanddancers request for moorings at bridge 119. So i was saying that crt will probably not allow new online moorings unless its a marina...
  9. So who is planning on putting moorings here?, unless its a marina or herringbone style moorings, requiring a lot of digging, planning permission, everything, i dont think crt will allow it as they dont want any new on line moorings. Plus there are already a few approved moorings around that area...
  10. My rev counter does this occasionally (maybe once every six month), i solve the problem with a few taps on the glass and it starts working again... ive put it down to a bad connection but havent investigated yet.
  11. Get em covered in your old engine oil, that way they'll last longer that the boat and it costs nothing.
  12. 15 mins by car, nice and near.
  13. Last summer we stopped in center of skipton, 2am in morning a drunken group, probably just thrown out the local pub, tried entering the boat, i flicked the lights on and they all ran off. 2 mins later, BANG, they had crossed over the canal and had throw a bottle at the boat. Luckily missed the windows and no real damage done. When i went out they had all dissapeared, didnt get a good nights sleep that night. Everytime we stopped in the country side, no problems.
  14. Its like you say, blacking on the base plate is likely to scrape off, especially in shallow canals, so what most boat yards recommend is to just do the sides. What protects the base plate is usually the crud that has built up over the years so if you scrape this off to apply bitumen and then touch the bottom you will be exposing new steel to begin rusting. The reason the sides are done is beacuse they will tend to rust more quickly, especially at the water line. This is because at the water line the steel is constantly getting wet, then drying, with plenty of oxygen about, all of this just promotes the rust. Also the importance of the sides being done more than the base plate is beacuse they are usually 6mm, whereas the base plate will be 10mm, so will rust through quicker if not painted.