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  1. I guess I'd deluded myself that I'd made friends through CWDF. The fact that none of you bothered to turn up tells me how wrong I was. This will me my last post. Bye all.
  2. Yes we did... We made it here ages before were supposed to.. So we're drinking beer.
  3. The idiots have made it to Cossington lock. Weve got locking down to 4 minutes. Pics on the way.
  4. Yes, C&RT have caught up with me living in said dinghy on the same 215 foot long stretch.
  5. Canalplanner says 25 miles and 16 locks....
  6. Hi all, and happy Friday. Tomorrow morning, Operation Idiots kicks off. Operation Idiots sees 3 Idiots attempting to navigate from just North of Leicester to Beeston Marina on the Trent in a single November day. Here's the twist... The idiots will be doing the trip in a 3 meter rotomolded Jeanneau Rigiflex dingy. Watch out for updates (and pictures and vids) throughout the day... A real boys own adventure from people who should know better.
  7. If your boat is a displacement hull, put a bit of way on the bow wave will help keep the boat in the middle. If your boat is a planeing hull do the same but take down the radar arch first.
  8. Carl Pro Tip: Use shorter screws next time.
  9. They also say that short term licenses aren't available to boats floating in connected marinas. It's a bit of a pig dragging it up the slipway before applying for a license. I'm afraid that might affect planeing performance. Would an eco fan do?
  10. The instructions say to print off 2 copies, and put them in a window on each side.... it's the grey one in the foreground
  11. i play Ride of the Valkyries
  12. Mick unfortunately I will not be able to attend as I'll be in the dinghy of death (of death) buzzing down the Soar. I hope it goes well.
  13. I knew that when i decided to turn my 40th birthday party into a banter I was taking a risk that few people would be able to turn up. But to turn the thread into an advert for your own favored event shows very poor taste, so no thanks.
  14. £30
  15. £20 for both....