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  1. Tim I was thinking of something like a pair of boatyards, one in each half who had a deal with a haulage company for a fixed fee.
  2. Lots of views on here about who likes or loaths the look of a widebeam but how many cc in a widebeam? If you do cc in a wide boat is it better in the northern or southern half? Is there a well trodden transit land route between the two halves? Phil
  3. Still refining my plans, do the following measurements look like a realistic starting point for the internal measurements to work with? I can then fine tune when I find my builder.
  4. Thanks guys for taking time to comment, I will work through all comments and suggestions and come up with version 2,3,4 and more. I will then try to justify my choices on some final design, with a bit of luck you will all still be with me by then. thanks again Phil
  5. The idea with the beds is they slide out to make a double at night but slide back for walkway in the day. Breakfast bar when just two of us but fold up table to make room for 4. Like I said this is my first thoughts so any advice is welcome.
  6. Hi guys after viewing the sailaway the other night and visiting Crick the windows didn't work for me. I have started to put my first thoughts onto paper so would appriciate your "constructive criticism" i am looking at a 57foot semi trad.
  7. Well an interesting evening I met the guy and his partner and now know he has a genuine reason to sell the boat. I did lots of measuring and need to work out how to fit in what I want and if it will work with the window placements. The guy didn't know what an RCD was let alone have one. Is this a deal breaker? its lined out in 20mm kingspan which seems to be stuck to the boat. Is this as good as sprayfoam? Should I be worried about what is behind it? it has a canaline 38 fitted. Good engine? Big enough to do rivers with a 57ft boat? A bit of water in the engine bay and a bit of rust on the driveshaft " I will try to attach a photo" Should I be worried? it has had a "professional" paint job which looks quite good but you could see the joints in the big plates on the top and body and it seemed to be blistering a tiny bit on the front deck. The white panel lines and the name was all "stick on" which I didn't like. Is it easy to get the stick on off? single glazed hopper windows and port holes? appriciate your thoughts Phil
  8. Thanks Alan I must admit 1 was the first thing that sprung to mind. I had done a little reading up but your explanation helps. Phil
  9. Thanks again guys for all of the information, my understanding is that the boat is only 18 months old and I am going to view it tomorrow primarily to measure the window layout and see if I can fit my layout in. I will ask about all of the documentation you mention, what does an RCD look like? I am then heading to Crick at the weekend and will then make a decision. Am I right in thinking I don't need to rush as sailaways come up regularly or can just be ordered. The main saving on buying this one would be delivery time saving.
  10. Thanks guys so the usual precautions, as many bills / receipts as poss and do the transfer at his house. Bank transfer? The best way to pay?
  11. Hi guys Hi guys I am going to have a look at a sailaway that someone bought from a recognised builder and then due to personal circumstances hasn't been able to fit out. If my prospective layout works on it and I can agree a price what processes would you advise to determine the ownership of the boat? My worry is if there is some kind of finance stake in the boat.....is there a HPI type search? Phil This at least may curb some of my wild and whacky ideas.
  12. That's 51 ft what is the length of your boat ?
  13. I have started drawing up some initial ideas for my boat once fine tuned a bit I will put them on here for your suggestions. I want a 57 ft semi trad and am working on 42ft internal length. Is this about right and is 57ft the length to go for? Phil
  14. Hi guys, sorry to quote myself but it's just to let you know where I am up to. I have been away in China so not much has changed since my last posts. I have however booked the campsite and the tickets and am on my way "wife as well" to Crick next weekend. I was wondering if you folk with more experience of this event had any advice of how to get the most out of the show. thanks Phil
  15. I have always used Shaun at http://www.tank.me/ for all of my tanks. he will make any shape at a good price Phil