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  1. I'm interested in the condition you find the car after 6 months of storage. Do you get someone to look after or maintain it? Last time I left a car for that amount of time there was a list of problems; flat battery, flat tyres (not slashed or anything like that), seized brakes and slight mould on seats (due to lack of fresh air). Was a fairly new car aswell, cars like to be driven and loved.
  2. I added this stuff to my paint before painting decks. Just mix into paint before brushing it on. Have a search around you might find it cheaper. Try your local paint store.
  3. That's enough to over plate a 50 footer, up north. Where the boat is located. You will get it for half that in a yard I have used on the Leeds Liverpool.
  4. FENDERS DOWN!!! not this one again....
  5. Having recently just got a second car that is automatic with the first being manual, I can now easy switch between both. I do some times find my left foot looking for a clutch pedal, normally when I am coasting up to red lights Never driven LHD
  6. I find I have no control with my left foot on the brake. Tried it once , it was more like an emergency stop! Because my left foot is used to stamping on the clutch so now that's where it stays.
  7. So I guess using a car that can park itself is not allowed when on a driving test? Just sit there acting and looking like you know what you are doing... let the car do all the work.
  8. I don't like how these shows such as; Great canal journeys and Celebrity carry on barging, give a bad example to new boaters and hire boaters. You watch these shows with these celebrity novices and supposedly experienced Tim just banging into other boats, smashing the banking and everybody just laughs it off. I know it's all part of the 'entertainment', but if it was my boat smashed into I would not be laughing...
  9. I can definitely nearly see what your saying.
  10. This is the one, but it seems to have gone up in price since I got mine.
  11. I have just done exactly this. Got a 100w panel of Amazon for £99, it's rated at 5.4 amps max (I think). Got a 10 amp controller (PWM) about £10 with an LCD screen, it shows; temp, battery voltage, charge current and load current. Connected it up and had 3 very charged batteries ever since, I am not using all sorts of power hungry gadgets (just a TV and lighting) but on most days even the cloudy, rainy ones (which is most of them up to now) I have been getting 1.3 amps. The batteries get charged until they are at 15 volts, then it knocks off and they drop down to 14volts, then it starts charging again. After dark the voltage slowly drops with usage but by the time I get up in the morning the panel has got batts up around 13.5v. Just wait to see how much it produces in summer (if we get one).
  12. Which canals are you thinking of doing? The north/south debate. (I'm firmly northern )
  13. It's a bit hard to explain, it involves plugging you multi meter cables into different outlets (on the multi meter ) and then connecting it into the circuit. The easier way is to go on YouTube and have a search. I knew my meter could be used to test amps but I had no idea how until I went to good old YouTube.
  14. I got myself a cheap modified sine wave inverter, its running a normal 240v, 32inch, high definition TV. All works perfectly, measured current with the old multimeter and it draws just over 3 amps. My new (also very cheap ) solar system keeps batteries charged aswell which is great.
  15. My dad fiber-glassed the water tank in our house 30+ years ago. Still perfect to this day.. If access is good; clear out any rust, then a few good coats of glass mat and resin. Gel coat on top, will last longer than the boat!!