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  1. There was a program on Channel 4 tonight called Sarah Beeny's how to live mortgage free. The main feature was about a single lady buying on old widebeam to live on a continuous cruiser licence in London, so to avoid 1700 a month rent. Also featured a couple in Birmingham on a springer, again continuous cruising. No mention of the practicalities of emptying toilets, getting water etc. Brief mention of moving every 14 days. Expect more rose tinted glasses enquiries on this forum soon !
  2. Aren't the fans on Listers flywheel end ? I assumed from the op he meant a fan on the front of the engine like you used to get on old cars !
  3. Why are you buying an engine you know nothing about ? Are you replacing an existing engine, if so what ? A 1958 engine is nearly 60 years old, engine hours will not have been counted. Never seen an air cooled engine in a boat with a fan on the front, Listers have a fan on the gearbox end in an enclosure. Can you match it to a suitable gearbox ? Air cooled engines need to have a means of cool air in and hot air out. They are noisier than water cooled engines. Can you get spares for a 60 year old engine such as this. etc etc etc
  4. There is no Shropshire Police. Shropshire is covered by the West Mercia Constabulary.
  5. Seems very odd, Maestermyn went into administration back end of 2016. In January 2017 approx 13 of the boats were advertised on Boats and Outboards, all accurately described in terms of year built, engine specs, interior layout etc (worked there several years ago so know the boats). An open day was held to allow viewing, hence keys, documentation etc would assume to be available. The marina site itself is now for sale, a Google search on marine business for sale in Shropshire should find it. The property sale includes the same boats previously advertised separately. As someone else has commented probably a disputed ownership issue with the receiver(s), rather than theft.
  6. Frey Bentos pie that will be in the cupboard for years, until one time when you've been ill for days, unable to get to a shop and have eaten everything else on board. This happened to us a few years back !
  7. At least 3 mooring pins of the type with rings to pass the rope through, then if you do drop one in the drink you have a spare. 2 piling hooks, also known as C hooks or nappy pins. 2 mooring chains. Hammer for knocking in pins. Lightweight windlass. At least one torch and spare batteries. Floats for your keys. Bwb key. Alcohol of choice !
  8. If your mate's bought one of the ex Maestermyn hire boats that were recently for sale by the receivers, be sure to check the diesel level before you depart. You may need to fill up at Blackwater in Ellesmere.
  9. A 38hp Isuzu may be somewhat underpowered for a 70ft boat (talking about a modern type engine, not an old fashioned high torque low revving type engine). Particularly if you intend to cruise rivers.
  10. Never had a 12v fridge, had a 240v one which was used summer only, and the solars fed that easily. In winter store food in sealed boxes in the bow/cratch. As another poster said, buy the cheapest batteries and accept they have a certain life span, don't get too het up about equalisation charge and the like, just learn what works best for you. Expect to be shot down in flames ! No wonder we gave it up !
  11. 7 year old batteries will be well past their best. The op has had them for 9 months only, so probably doesn't know how well they have been looked after. New ones, start from scratch. Sorry only lived aboard for 12 years, no generator, no plug in, solar panels yes, led lights yes, would only have to run the engine for 2 hours a day in winter. Battery life 4-5 years.
  12. If the batteries are 7 years old, this may answer your question ? Rather than spend money on a generator, new batteries might solve your problems.
  13. You could try asking Bob Knowles Plant Services in Leicester, they still do spares for Enfield z drives so maybe able to advise. Google will give you the contact details.
  14. A pair of binoculars can be handy for aerial spotting in rural areas.