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  1. It's almost certainly dirt in the inlet valves letting the system drain back through the pump. It happened to my Whale Watermaster. You can get a replacement head and you can dismantle it and try and clean it. They are soft silicone valves. I would try taking it apart and cleaning it, if that doesn't work, but the replacement head kit (about £40). The absolute test is a stop valve after the pump. If it still happens it's the pump draining back, if it stops the leak is downstream. I realise you've solved it by replacing the pump but if anyone else experiences it.
  2. I thought they established that on 14 June.
  3. This. You only need proper oxygen, ventilation. A proper poo tank will have good ventilation to allow aerobic digestion which isn't smelly as opposed to anaerobic digestion which produces small gases. If you allow ventilation the bugs will continue to do their thing.
  4. Sounds to me like the current lot are having a bit of a game. You don't 'condemn the wiring' for the BSC you have a number of points that don't pass. Last time i looked there was no requirement for a fuse between batteries and isolater and if there is now it's an easy fit. Fuse ratings are easily changed and the quality of switches is neither here nor there. Bulkhead grommet can be done with a bit of slit hosepipe Sounds to me like you either need a 2nd opinion or to bring some detail to this thread so advice can be given. If your electrics are simple like you say and they work then the actions to make them compliant shouldn't cost too much. First off is to break down the failure checklist into its components.
  5. Really? But the sign says there is.
  6. I've been brought up in a world where transport authority notices are just that, authoritative for instance; Is it too much too expect the same kind of rigour from CRT?
  7. I'm currently (oops) investigating a constant current downlighter. The downlighters that are intended for 230V systems seem to much better build quality. I'm going to do some experiments soon with one of these; EN-PL06B/30 6W Low Profile LED Downlight, 3000K which take 300mA at 18-30V together with one of these 6-35V to 1-35V DC/DC Buck/Boost Charger Power C... and one of these; Constant Current LED Driver Adjustable Lithiumi... basically it's taken quite a time to get hold of the luminaire and find out it's ratings (despite it being written on the unit, no listing had it) so I've just ordered the constant current stage. It should be dimmable, the luminaire looks great. But there may be excessive RF in the two power supplies.
  8. Well, it's been asked for ages, and finally here you have it, the is a new Act covering the inland waterways. Picture courtesy The Floater
  9. The London Boaters Facebook page is a wonderful community of resources on living around London and how to do it in a sustainable way (services, moving, mooring etc). Certainly a range of the top end of the Lea to Milton Keynes is a very popular cruising range and well manageable by a couple on a widebeam. If you do go to London Boaters, try and strike up a conversation with Jess Good, she'll tell it exactly how it is (some good, some bad). I think if you're into London and off-grid(dish) living it's a wonderful lifestyle and the community second to none. It's making your place in that community that's the key to joy or misery.
  10. Our Brenda in an EU hat for the opening of Parliament : priceless.
  11. in some ways yes, in others i find myself more understanding. Some of the issues we're confronting now were obvious in my youth, climate change and ecological abuse, and my position hasn't changed. Of man's inhumanity to man I am much less tolerant now. of people's inability to face or fight their personal demons i am much more tolerant / less judgemental.
  12. you don't like pondlife? 'echo chamber' not an insult by any means but a warning, to myself, that not everyone thinks as i do or my friends do. Neither myself nor any of my friends tolerate the kind of views expressed in political views on this forum. in that you may find me intolerant. Guilty as charged.
  13. That one is easy. Kill a man and his son will hunt you down. Your grandson may make peace with his grandson. The maths i'll leave to you.
  14. From the CPS document; "..using abusive or insulting behaviour intended to stir up religious hatred does not constitute an offence, nor does using threatening words likely to stir up religious hatred" That is apparently read to mean racists should be immune from criticism for their views.
  15. Interesting how Tony Brooks' post implied that there was a sympathy from the Muslim community that would fit this distinction.