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  1. Sounds like an ideal quality for deck paint. More seriously, oil based floor paint is great, easy to use and hard as anything but it's not as cheap as it used to be.
  2. Good riddance. There's some hope the Thames will return to a peaceful friendly place. Do tell... who gets to suffer you now?
  3. Great, thanks. My fear of heart attack recedes. No, far far worse. The last time I heard this kind of noise it was because my computer had died.
  4. I did read that article and apart from the first paragraph (which is almost all you ever need to know ;-) it's a bit number rich which is over the top for wiring a few lights. It's true that you don't go far before needing a bit of techie knowledge but the basics is more practical than theoretical. This one seems a bit better and I found this too, which is nothing if not comprehensive - skip read it but you'll want to know a bit about batteries eventually and Tony Brooks has a website with useful info and I'm glad to report he's more authoritative on electrics than rowing boats. and this is step by step what you're trying to do;
  5. If I leave an Analworld window open and someone posts then it (is supposed to) beep to let me know. I say 'supposed to' because it's less of a beep and more of the kind of machine-death noise that makes me jump out of my skin. How do I stop this noise? There's a mute button in the address bar of the browser but really I want it gone forever.
  6. A bit of research first then; although you won't have to go far to find a nearby boater who can explain the basics.
  7. If you are using Hotmail in a browser, it's worth clearing browsing data (cache, etc), bearing in mind this may wipe any saved passwords. This is done in the browser, not at system level. Hotmail / Microsoft are pretty notorious for 'doing it our way'. I would try two different browsers - see if it does the same thing in Chrome for instance. Or are you using Apple Mail for Hotmail? If so, try selecting the mailbox and going to Mailbox > Rebuild it's worth pointing out that these are classic examples of what I was talking about with unix, stuff gets stuck/corrupted at application level rather than system level. AKA the spinning Beach Ball of Doom
  8. You need to define what you mean by 'clean up'. Most of the things that were traditionally done by third party utilities (clearing caches and defragmentation for instance) are taken care of by the operating system these days and it is the nature of a unix based system that there is little in the way of housekeeping to be done. There are plenty of companies that will offer these services but are not worth the money and often will make things worse. What problems are you experiencing? One of the issues with a MacBook Air is that SSD drives are substantially smaller than hard drives and operating them nearly full will slow down your Mac enormously. There is no utility in the world that will help with this kind of file management though.
  9. An extremely grumpy and misleading post. I have invariably found those hiring the canoes as courteous and considerate and safety-aware to the point of generally ducking in between moored boats to keep out one's way. Whether this is down to an excellent briefing from Dick and Jane's or simply the way normal people behave when having fun I don't know. If boater's behave in the way you describe, they are usually on narrow boats. What is about people and the kennet and avon. Utter bollocks. I have spent many a happy hour in my rowing boat, to be found anywhere between Burghfield and Bristol
  10. It's not you that's going to take offence. Why do you find the word n****r offensive? Are you black? It's as Dave Mayall says, the offence is that which is intended and that which is perceived. Paki is offensive if anyone from the Indian subcontinent (because, let's face it, the people who use it are generally incapable of telling the difference) or a Pakistani finds it offensive or if it's intended to give offence (as it often is) I could easily (and probably get banned) call you something you would find offensive. Would it help if I said I didn't mean you to take offence? Edit ; so my post is edited by the person who finds 'nignog' acceptable - it's not, it's a term just as pejorative as the one you've edited. without even the decency or courage to say that you've done it other than leaving your usual calling card of pompous and patronising meaningless garbage. Coward and hypocrite.
  11. Jeesus fookin christ. When did we move back to the 19th Century? The entrance to the Mediterranean 'immense strategic military importance'. Duh. It's 2017. I've been seeing people who apparently want to go to war with Europe as a bit of a joke. Maybe that's not the case. Tell me then Admiral Lord Phil. When we do go to war with Europe or Spain or anyone else where the waiter spat in your beer, how long will Gibraltar stand against a land attack from Spain?
  12. Yes, sorry, missed you. Have a green heart.
  13. I opened this thread because I isolated the rest of the water system and the cycling still occurred. I did this because I had examined the whole system and there is no water leak anywhere. I am willing to accept Bengo's and Whale's diagnosis.
  14. Apparently 47% is a minority so maybe there's a lot more xenophobes than you're making out. BTW I find the expression 'unelected PC brigade' intensely offensive, but that's probably what you intended