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  1. So, how will this tank be treated so as to make it useable again Matty.
  2. Off topic. Why the sad face? Has the pup gone wandering?
  3. Ok I'll have a stab in the numpty class. The +ve terminal of battery 'A' should be connected to +ve on battery 'B'. Battery 'A' is probably flat due to not having a connection to the charger. Lots of bad connections due to missing nuts on the terminals. Loose thin red wire on Battery 'B'. (not sure what its for) Battery 'D' not connected to anything, therefore useless. The handle on Battery 'A' has been left in the upright position causing massive disruption to the electrical and magnetic fields of the battery bank and rendering the flux capacitor inoperative.
  4. Ok, this may be total rubbish and way off the mark, but putting an alternator under load causes some sort of electrical resistence within said alternator making it harder to turn. If you were running along nicely with a slightly loose belt and then switched on a 3Kw kettle, putting an instant load on the alternator, could that make the belt squeal? Could that even stop an engine? Its ok, you can laugh if I am off the wall with this idea.
  5. I'd give them the same respect as I would want from them. Do unto others etc etc etc.
  6. Perhaps we might ask, how long did it take to travel the 20 miles. If it took three months, I would have no problem with going back and doing it again if I really liked the fishing.
  7. Well yes, except for a large bridge section 30' long and 10' wide blocking the towpath. The guy appeared to motor away from the bank, so maybe he had a friend operating the camera, and picked him up a few yards on.
  8. I've watched this vid a few times, and wondered why he pulls the boat over to the towpath side. Why not just walk over the bridge and get on the boat where it is?
  9. You can pour hot water into the detergent drawer after you have started the wash (or after the machine has pumped out the old water and starts to fill.)
  10. Peggy.
  11. And there was me thinking about the smile on your face when you find your pooch sitting on the toilet in the morning reading the paper. Bet that would cheer you up.
  12. Perhaps you might consider a change of diet and give the dog toilet training.
  13. Is it not possible to remove the mattress and gain access from above. Perhaps there is a hatch above the pump.
  14. his name has been mentioned in various topics about 2 dozen since April 2016. you must have missed it Mike.