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  1. Or even increased to £100 in 1976. I thought a fiver was too good to be true.
  2. Cut & pasted from the 'General Canal Bye-Laws' Penalties 57. Any person who offends against any of the foregoing Bye-laws shall be liable on summary conviction to a penalty not exceeding FIVE POUNDS for each offence and in the case of a continuing offence a further penalty not exceeding FORTY SHILLINGS for each day on which the offence is continued after conviction thereof. For the purposes of this Bye-law a person shall offend against any Bye-law if he (a) does or fails to do, or (b) causes or permits to be done or left undone anything the doing of which is prohibited or required respectively by such Byelaw.
  3. I saw something about this problem a while ago on the tv programme 'countryfile'. It said fly tipping is on the increase in rural areas and that it is the landowner who foots the bill for the clean up. So it appears it cost the local authorities nothing.
  4. But how useful/good is the generator likely to be? Factual evidence, opinions or guestimates appreciated.
  5. Yes, I like that idea. Is this doable with any boat with central doors at the bow?
  6. In essence I agree Tim. That's why I only posted a brief message stating only the facts available at the time. No wild speculation, no over dramatics and no nonsense ramblings about my own personal feelings, just a brief message.
  7. There are several incidents with fatalities being reported on the BBC news now. An incident involving a white van hitting pedestrians on London Bridge, Knife attacks nearby and another incident at Vauxhall area. A large armed police presence and residents being asked to lock there doors and stay inside.
  8. Still for sale online as well.
  9. This 'awkward' comment is no doubt due to my own lack of understanding of the differences between Trads and cruisers. I naturally assumed that having the engine under the rear deck would have made it harder to get at. I haven't looked at many boats in the flesh and just thought trad engines would be more accessible. I stand corrected.
  10. The second one looks quite nice. It has an open plan galley/saloon which possibly feels more spacious, but it is a cruiser stern. This may make routine engine maintenance a little more awkward.
  11. No, but it will greatly increase silication, providing a small increase in remuneration and possibly leading to enhanced inebriation.
  12. I have learned something. Being inquisitive, I had a Google and you are correct mike. I found this, energy/Transfer of heat energy/text/Heat_radiation/index.html It explains it well and proves why black stoves are best. Greenie for you.
  13. No I went to secondary school and was in the black hand gang if that helps. I left school before I took any 'O' levels, but I still can't recall learning anything relating to a black coloured stove radiating more heat than any other colour. I am willing to be educated.
  14. Ok, I am no expert, so I Googled it. Daldinia (probably Daldinia concentrica) otherwise known as King Alfred's Cakes. This fungud grows on ash and occasionally on other deciduous trees. Sorry, cant supply a pic.
  15. Sorry Mike, I can't believe that's true. As you didn't add a smiley, I assume you are serious. Maybe it was tongue in cheek.