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  1. Mike the Boilerman, on 28 Dec 2016 - 4:56 PM, said: What if the broker steals your £50k and emigrates to Barbados with it? You won't own the boat AND your £50k will have vanished... A reputable broker will operate a Clients Trust Account - just like your solicitor uses when you buy a house
  2. I can see that this has been discussed before but I'm still not sure of the answer, I'm going to be looking for a liveaboard nb and would like the maximum length boat that would allow me to cruise the full canal system. Is this 57ft or 60ft? Does that include fenders? Thanks
  3. Manchester has an excellent Tram service....just saying
  4. That is properly exciting ....I can't wait...good luck with it
  5. Hello a year or two I plan to sell my house, car and most of my other possessions and go down the cut in a narrowboat with my 3 pointers...I doubt I will return! I have much to learn