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  1. Well done that man
  2. How about "Hand Crafted"
  3. Our roof is painted with Epifanes grey and is a smooth but none glossy finish, I use the roof all the time when locking to get on or off the boat and never had a problem slipping in the wet. The only problem I have had is rust bubbling through, but I did leave it out in the snow the first winter.
  4. When I launched mine it was similar but also down at the stern. I started off by removing all the slab behind the engine room and then all on the starboard side and had a coffee table made of concrete in the lounge on the port side. I bought a ton of cast iron from a trawler being broken up in Lowestoft and swapped it for the conrete, being denser I could get it all under the floor.
  5. I would head off the Bridgewater to the Trent and Mersey, one little lock at Preston Brook and then nothing until Middlewich. where you have one double and after that singles. by now you should be getting a feel for things. At Middlewich you could turn right and then go down the Shropie or carry straight ahead on the T&M where a few days later you get the chance to do Harecastle Tunnel, thats the way I would go if single handing.
  6. Well mine can be anywhere between one and three quarters and two and a quarter mph depending on the canal. my speed would easily change by half a mph between Kings Bromley marina and Woodend lock
  7. There are not that many locks in the sections being covered, you cant pull the pegs they are painted on the piling. apart from navigating long rows of fisher folk I don't see much of a problem.
  8. But it comes with a fitted birds nest so you never have to move
  9. I didn't see any on lock landings or even close to bridge holes
  10. Here is one of them almost connected the right way round . I'm the bald one in the other picture
  11. Me but someone else may have also said it
  12. You can tow that butty in all sorts of ways
  13. Spindles are already wearing due I understand to wrong size windlasses. It will matter when you come to a lock and have to use a set of Stilsons because the windlass wont grip the shaft (That wont happen because CRT will have wasted more money changing them before they reach that state)
  14. I must say I did wonder if that would be the case with such small areas of contact.