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  1. Unlikely, a lot of those little pontoons belong to the MLC
  2. Make sure the boat is insured by you from the moment you buy it, not the next day or week. If anything happens to it once you own it it could be your loss.
  3. Then you are into the Middle Level Commissioners for permission as well as the land owner
  4. I had my hull built with steel doors, they are just 4mm flat steep with an overlap strip welded on one,so it closes over the other. They are then just hinged to the steel of the cabin front. The wooden doors sit in a frame behind them.
  5. Is it the Old river Nene, part of the Middle Level as you give your location as March,or is it the EA River Nene that goes down to The Dog in a Doublet and beyond?
  6. Note that price is ex VAT
  7. Is it a plastic or metal header tank?
  8. I have steel lockable doors on the outside of the wood/glass ones, these are normally hooked open
  9. Reported in the hope that the mods can move it. Moved the posts as requested
  10. But there is definitely a disused paddle culvert opposite that overspill weir on the bottom gates and you can see the rod recess all the way down
  11. Maybe all the galley cupboards should be stainless steel with stainless steel work tops, the beds could easily be metal framed and lattice based, our bunks Offshore were like that. Formica wall and ceilings cladding that just leaves lose furnishings to worry about and 20 gallons of diesel and a couple of gas bottles.
  12. I was then going to say the same thing,also on the Nene, one end attached to the bank the other on a weight
  13. OK you gave me lots of info on the Cheshire Locks so now the Marple Flight. Again it looks as if at some time the locks had a single bottom ground paddle behind the towpath side bottom gate. Any ideas how long ago this was changed and why?
  14. Agree
  15. So the boat has done 1200 hrs in 3 years, that is only just over an hour a day so if CCing probably needs new batteries, its far from well used. No cooker, has it got any gas installed, if not so is it a self fit out, if so does it have a RCD cert.