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  1. The power rating is not bad :Power Consumption 1170-1380W Energy per cycle : 6 wash programs – Intensive (2h20min - 0.9 kWh), Normal(2h - 0.7kWh), Eco (3h - 0.61 kWh), Glass (1h 15min - 0.5kWh), 90Min (1h 30min - 0.65 kWh), Rapid (30min - 0.23kWh)
  2. Good to see a notice on one of the beams saying out of order. I will have to watch Flower of Gloster again and see what they look like in that.
  3. Is it a wooden roof?
  4. Even using Avtur Jet Fuel which has a much higher flash point than petrol
  5. Or that volt meter is way out. As others have said walk down to the boat yard where you bought the oil and ask them. PS. I see the OP has changed there name Sisco and Pu or Simon and Pu, I am guessing in London on the GU.
  6. Have the ML finished their dredging?
  7. If the oil light was on all the time was there sufficient oil in the sump to start with?
  8. So the oil light that has always been on before has now gone off. Please follow the advise and get the pressure checked out.
  9. At least he will come back then
  10. I think he feels it sort so has gone , I hope I am wrong.
  11. If Wilton had bought it why should they say who they bought it off. If they were selling on brokerage then yes because you are buy the boat from the owner.
  12. And some into the bilge via charcoal filters
  13. I would still suggest you get the oil pressure checked as a minimum, Bigend shells are a lot cheaper than a new crank in 6 months time. Does the oil light go out now, if not find out why not.
  14. I would suggest getting a pump out before doing anything, the tank might be full, it might be empty and you waste £15 who knows.
  15. Blimy I just gave you a greeny, is that your first?