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  1. I have navigated the Trent from Trentlock to Torksey and return and from Trentlock to Keadby in a narrowboat. I had an anchor, life-jackets and VHF. I also had the Boating Association publications and Nicholson guide. VHF is a luxury that to contact the lock keepers with is not necessary, however Nicholson states that below Gainsborough the Trent is controlled by ABP who require craft to have 2 crew and a VHF radio. The first journey was only to Torksey and we booked our passage through Cromwell Lock by telephone. The lock keeper agreed with my plan and let us through the lock at or just before high tide at Cromwell so that we travelled to Torksey with the ebb. The Boating Association booklets were OK but when you really needed their advice (such as which arch to go under) I found the information about grafitti of little help. The river is sign posted (take binoculars to read well in advance) and the navigational notes in Nicholson are invaluable. The second journey to Keadby we planned to stop at Gainsborough pontoon. The lock keeper at Cromwell advised against it because of high spring tides. A man in the pub at Torksey advised that sometimes stones were thrown at boats moored at Gainsborough. We left Cromwell again at Cromwell high tide and made an uneventful journey to Torksey. We left Torksey the next day an hour before high tide Torksey and pushed the incoming tide for just under an hour. The lock keeper at Keadby telephoned and asked about progress. He advised us to speed up. We had an uneventful journey until we got to Keadby. Passing Keadby bridge I stayed too close to the right hand bank and ran aground on a sand bank just before the lock entrance. We reversed off and entered Keadby lock with perhaps a little too much power but stayed clear of the lock walls. The Keadby lock keeper was surprised at the advice not to moor at Gainsborough and reckoned that with good mooring ropes there would have been no problem. The non tidal locks were not manned at that time of the year. Observe the amber traffic lights and do go into the lock approaches fully to moor up. Don't hang around on the trip from Torksey to Keadby and I am sure that you will have a great day. This video gives some idea of how big the Trent is against a narrowboat and encourages you to wear life jackets.
  2. I think this might be the manual. It suggests that it is adjustable. combi/atlas combi uni/Ac10001e.PDF
  3. The O/P merely wanted to know if any member could recommend a radio/CD player that didn't need an always live lead for their boat. They received one recommendation for specialist marine equipment without the clarity of whether Fusion needed an always live lead or not. They also received the comment that one member was going to replace a Sony unit for something else. Since then it has degenerated into one poster trying to demonstrate how much money they must have with a gardener and Wharfdale speakers that they now no longer use and another poster explaining that bit rate is all important to audio quality. The O/P still doesn't have an answer to his question. I have learnt a fair bit from this site in general terms but like the whole internet it is difficult to get specific facts without fronting up with cash.
  4. I personally think that the Soar through and around Leicester is disgusting. Stay in Leicester at Castle Gardens or Friars Mill VM. Bishops Meadow is OK but if you stop before Loughborough Town Lock you will have all the usual services. The Loughborough Basin is OK if a trifle noisy.
  6. My local yard did the job. I gave them the keys and when they had finished (4 days later) some money. Very happy. 45 foot boat £430. Job done. When I retire and have some time I might give it a go myself.
  7. I have one of these. Expensive, fantastic quality and works well.
  8. In my view it is over priced - yes it is long but it is also 26 yrs old and not fitted with any thing that is outstanding nor expensive. As you state that Whilton own it they will normally include a hull survey so definitely need to get that on their account.
  9. 3. What type of head? The sea toilet is prohibited in most inland waterways. The Elsan will last 2 adults 2 days max and then has to be emptied restricting your movements. Obviously spare cassettes can be used. The composting toilet has to have urine emptied daily or so and the poo tank monthly or so. The pump out has to be emptied every 2 weeks or so, costs £15 a time and has the same restriction as finding an Elsan emptying point. Additionally, if you are iced in it is a problem taking the boat to the point. Having tried all 4 I would go for a pump out backed up by a porta potti. Get the pump out emptied regularly at a base that does it for you.
  10. The trick is to know how many ah you are using between charges. Then bearing in mind that the best balance between initial cost, time to charge and life of battery is to size your bank so that between charges you using 20% - 50% capacity, you can determine your battery bank size.
  11. I am fairly new myself but the consensus is to get cheapish flooded lead acid batteries and a decent monitoring system and learn the black art of battery care/charging before buying expensive batteries. It is more about how you use them than what they are. I know a motorhome owner who rarely camps without an electric hookup. To the extent that the original battery is still fitted after 10 years and the first gas bottle has just been changed over. On the other hand stories abound on this forum of wrecking a set of batteries in under 3 months. I would make sure that the old batteries were given a good charging before declaring them dead.
  12. I have had the same notification. Birstall lock has reopened.
  13. It will need turning back ON at some stage if you intend to start the engine. There is no reason not to do it now.
  14. Thanks. I'll know for next time
  15. You are correct. There is nothing to indicate that they are not open nor indeed that they are CRT moorings at all. How did you get out once the main gates are locked at 5.00 pm or so?