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  1. Last year, I turned right off the Leigh branch and moored there, about 50 yards from the first lock. It was very peaceful, no problems. Just be aware that there is a new building on the opposite side and they worked 24 hours, as the light faded, this factory was lit up with bright floodlights, not good for darkness in the boat, but good that there is plenty of light outside. Kevin
  2. Thanks for the quick replies. Halcyon is only 36' long so I'll see how much time I have when I get down there.
  3. Going to take a trip along the River Witham in a week or two and fancy turning along the Kyme Eau and up to South Kyme. Collins shows that this stretch has a headroom of 5' 6" and a draught of 2' 0". I have seen pictures of narrowboats at South Kyme, but don't think I'll be able to take Halcyon up there as my draught is 2' 4". Has anyone attempted this in a narrowboat and is it worth attempting? Thanks, Kevin
  4. Treat it like a camping holiday and you won't go far wrong. Camping chairs are very useful, also tea, coffee, milk, sugar and breakfast for tomorrow. You can do some shopping when you're on the move if you don't want to take much with you. Camera, binoculars, hat, sunscreen etc. Bottled water, I personally don't drink the water from the tank, but fill plastic bottles from the taps on the canal side. Sure I'll think of something else once I've sent this! Have a good week :-) Kevin
  5. Very true, hadn't thought my reply through!! I knew there was a reason why I inset the tape by 5mm. Kevin
  6. I set mine about 5mm inside the frame, this gap filled up as the tape compressed and required no trimming. However, I can see nothing wrong with setting it right to the edge and trimming the excess off when fully fitted. Kevin
  7. I've used neoprene tape, example here Clean the windows as you've said, then stick the tape to the window trim about 5mm from the edge. Do the top first with a single piece, then start by butting up to this piece on the side. The tape will follow the curves at the bottom, hence you can do the sides and the bottom as 1 single piece. Quick to do, no mess and, more importantly, no leaks (so far!!) And 'Dor' has just replied with very similar advice :-) Kevin
  8. Having just finished my 3rd cycling holiday of this year, I've again cycled along a towpath, this time on the Lancaster canal. Not sure why we are all labelled as 'Lycra clad', but, yes, as a 58 year old cyclist, when I'm touring, I wear cycling shorts and a cycling top, which both have an element of Lycra in them, but so does many other items of clothing, which the majority of you reading this are possibly wearing. My bikes don't have bells on them, but I have a mouth which I open and speak to people. When coming up behind walkers, I get about 20 yards from them and shout, 'excuse me please', I find that is so much better and polite than ringing a bell and expecting them to move. I don't get annoyed with the runners who have their earphones in and the music too loud to hear anything, I don't get annoyed with the dog walkers who are letting their dogs run freely and un-tethered, I don't even get annoyed with the dog walkers who have their dog tethered, and move to one side of the path leaving their dog on the other side with the lead stretched across the path!! On the Lancaster, I saw 2 boats moving, I gave a cheery 'good morning' to the first and was greeted with a 'good morning' back and a wave. The same greeting was given to the second boat, but the bloke at the tiller kept his eyes firmly to the bow and never acknowledged me at all. As for the speed, yes, less than 10 mph is going fast for a towpath, and that is on a hybrid bike with cyclo-cross tyres, think I managed about 8 mph, down to 3 or 4 when going under the bridges. I know this is a bit long winded, but as people have said, there's good and bad in all walks of life. I like to think I'm a good and courteous cyclist, but, I'm a good and courteous boater also. So, we need to be educating the minority of morons, not the majority of good, sensible people who enjoy all parts of the canal system. Just my opinion. Kevin
  9. I have one of these on Halcyon, it's got me and several others out of difficulty. They really are an excellent all round tool.
  10. Just noticed this, might be some use for people thinking about trying boating for the first time.
  11. Lovely man. Saw him in his one man show several years ago and have a signed photo from him when I was in hospital with a broken hip 18 years ago.
  12. Still on Hessle Road, but also in the old Woolworths building on Whitefriargate. Heck, there's even one in Beverley!!
  13. and don't forget Boyes on Whitefriargate :-)
  14. Oy, there's now't wrong with Hull, we're cultured now :-)
  15. Hi Peter

    You may remember helping me up the Wigan flight last year. I just read your post about being on the cover of the Nicholson guide which sparked a memory.

    I took several photo's from the locks as you were steering both boats along. Please let me know if you would like them sending to you.


    Hope you're both keeping well.