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  1. The fact that we will all die one day is a really poor reason not to take steps to prevent premature and unnecessary death; like building a fence above a dangerous cliff face. Cancer is most definitely beatable; it will happen in time. No one is saying you can't take risks just that a mature attitude would say "I will take the obvious steps to protect myself and minimise my impact on others". That's exactly what fitting a carbon monoxide detector is doing to relate back to the original point. Sometimes society - through the elected bodies of Government - is best placed to understand where the balance of risk and reward for all lies. The attitude of "I'm free to do whatever I want and sod the consequences and what everyone else thinks" is a mental state I would associate with a child rather than an adult. Enjoy your sailing or whatever you are up to on the sea. Undoubtedly one of the most dangerous places you can go but no one here has even come close to suggesting you shouldn't be allowed. JP
  2. Well do you want the NHS to spend it's funding on treating victims of easily preventable accidents or on state of the art cancer treatment? JP
  3. I had one bad experience with a broker and the key point was that the customer of the broker is not the buyer; it is the seller. JP
  4. Death and life changing injury places a massive cost on society; both literally and metaphorically. The fact that the individual concerned may have deliberately chosen a risky course of action does not make that OK or tolerable for everyone else. It isn't about themselves. Some things are not tolerable for society as a whole - the role of the seatbelt in road traffic accidents is a good example. JP
  5. There are places you could stop if you needed. The passage up the locks from Worcester to Birmingham will be quicker than any planning aid will tell you unless you have a crew of two and aren't rushing or it is exceptionally busy. My experience of Tardebigge is that it is more likely to be quiet than busy although there are certain times when the Black Prince or Anglo-Welsh boats are nose to tail. The flight is very rural and above the top lock is a beautiful spot but there is nothing on the flight at all after the pub at the bottom. Nowhere for a refreshing beer or an ice cream. You will likely moor on your second night either above or below the Tardebigge flight. Birmingham is about 5 hours from the top and 8 from the bottom.
  6. Hire boats from Lowesmoor Basin will have a folder including route information for the Stourport Ring that I believe will guide you to going anti-clockwise. That's certainly how I did it a few years ago but I am sure you can choose. Lots to see on the route so it can have a bearing on the direction of travel if there are specific things you wish to see. JP
  7. I have changed the photo to one that reveals more of your beauty
  8. Remember that the trad stern design is a copy of old working boats where the position of the engine isn't a consideration in terms of access to the cabin. Modern trads with boxed engines under the step can present restricted access to the cabin. In terms of what to do with the space from taking out the toilet and single beds I would have thought a fixed double would have been the obvious thing. It would need to sit forward of where the two singles are positioned. JP
  9. I managed to sneak a couple of hours at Braunston this afternoon by volunteering to take the dog for a 'walk'. Charlie has subsequently joined the CRT Heritage Working Boats group.
  10. I'm not sure you can. Make a boat look nice yes but that's not the same thing. Will you be in the Northants area all weekend? JP
  11. That's a very different boat from the first one you linked to. Are you considering this one? Never heard of D Atkinson and although I am no expert I am guessing that is either the internal fitter or a steel fabricator that doesn't usually build boats. 15mm baseplate and 10mm sides! The person who paid for the build had some very expensive ballast. It's also a very basic hull. Much more character in the first boat. I am going to hazard a guess that you want a bit of character. Am I right? JP
  12. Ore is rock. And it's usually found underneath the ground that stuff grows in. May be a clue there. Is that a long ton or a short ton of wood? If I had a tonne of feathers which would weigh the most?
  13. You haven't thought that argument through enough. How old do you think the iron ore used to make even the most modern steel boat is? JP
  14. If you do go that way just set out a broad plan that will get you to Braunston. The folks in that article were very leisurely in their progress but they showed you can have plenty of time to stop en route which sounds similar to your ideas. JP
  15. It's an excellent dream Dave. Even if it is the wrong boat for the purpose. I have a different heritage boat based mad plan of my own that will never happen. It's good to daydream. I still read the Tay advert regularly but seeing as it is still for sale I think rivergate has a far better grasp of its market value than the owner. My brief encounters with Spey made it my favourite heritage boat but I am partial to the cut down converted ex-GU boats like Enceladus, Thea and Sextans. I suspect that makes me a heretic to some. JP