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  1. We have just come back from 3 weeks on the boat, unfortunately not cruising, doing maintenance during which I removed all fenders (pp not rope) and cleaned them, first with bilge ex and then with heavy duty car wash. I left them to dry then washed them with 'clean and wax' and when they were dry I polished with a cloth and they came up brilliantly. If you just want to kill plant life/algae you can rinse them with a mild solution of household ammonia & washing up liquid.
  2. Our boat had the tiniest mixer bar you could imagine, 117mm centres, but with a TMV set at around 40degrees. I am replacing it with a standard thermostatic bar valve and I might move the TMV as the hot water to the basin gets really hot.
  3. The whole shower cubicle is fairly new with a ceramic tray,which the previous owners had set in slightly lower as they were both quite tall and a white bi-fold door. The panels I have are very similar to the above and look very good quality, it's just that I don't like the colour. Maybe I am being too pedantic, my partner says we should just get on with enjoying the boat rather than looking for work that doesn't need doing!!! I am changing the shower fittings though as the one that is/was in is a tiny mixer bar with 117mm centres, the type of thing you see in motorhomes or caravans, I don't know why they put that in as there is a concealed TMV so they could have used a standard mixer bar, anyway that is what I am replacing with when we go next week so if anyone one wants/needs a 117mm mixer valve shout up, you can have it !!!
  4. ignore
  5. Closure for now The makuni is up and running again with a big thank you to Ed Shires at FC Marine (07922 163 072 As well as the ECU their was an air lock in the fuel supply line which he cleared by disconnecting the fuel line & running the system a couple of times,,,then off she went; nice guy would defo use/recommend him!
  6. No it is hard vinyl panels but as I said I have decided, if I change it, I won't use tiles
  7. Some good ideas thanks.... I think I shall go down the non-tile route
  8. Our boat has a shower cubicle, all very neat, clean and tidy but it has vinyl panel walls which actually I don't mind but hate the colour. I was told that if the surface was 'keyed' I could tile over them but 1) it seems a lot of work and 2) maintenance would increase. I think the simplest thing would be to panel over the existing ones as there are some more attractive designs around and it would cost approx £120. Does anyone have any comments or preferences?
  9. We use tea lights and candles but only at night when moored, more for effect than anything, bit like a log fire. The tea lights go into small coloured glass holders and the candles are already in a glass or a tin. Tea lights can vary in price depending on scent but £1 shop or Ikea have good buys on plain ones. I have a friend in a local charity shop who 'saves' me any that come in and usually charges about 50p to £1 depending how big. Last week I bought a 5inch high one in a glass with a metal lid in various shades of blue. There was a barcode label underneath with a price of £7.50!! TK Maxx also sell them but even at their prices I don't think you get many bargains even when you see the original price!!!!
  10. We have a cross bed on ours 2/3 1/3. Two slatted rails pull out and lay on top of a rail on the opposite side. Four drawers underneath with the calorifier so nice and warm in winter and bone dry. In the day time we just push the slats back and lift the 1/3 on top of the other then put cover and cushions and so it can still be used if we want, mostly by the dog!! We also have a pullman and the only change I would make is to have a pull out drawer as it seems a waste of space and you can't have too much storage.
  11. Well it seems odd that it only appears to be on that stretch of Canal. There are plenty of other canals which pass through city centres let alone the full network but you don't hear much about people drowning in those. Then again....... I still believe Diana was murdered...
  12. er... thanks but what is a Green Thingy??? (dreadful thoughts come to mind) Didn't it end up getting burnt in the Great Fire of Saatchi??
  13. Methinks I should change my username..... although I do not use Facebook/Twitter/Instawateva neither am I glued to a mobile phone (can't remember the last time I even used it as it is left in the car for emergencies) but then again I am Billy no mates.....
  14. Tracy Emin's 'My Bed' springs to does the Emperor's New Clothes!!!!
  15. Over the last few years there have been literally dozens of bodies found the canals around Manchester, there was even a documentary on TV about it but the police have said virtually non are 'suspicious'...... although the locals, and relatives of the dead, believe it is someone they have named 'the Pusher'