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  1. Personally I don't like it but then I am an anti social old groat. I always make it obvious, without being rude, that I don't want a picture taken. God knows where it might end up. To me it's a bit like people invading my personal space, which these days is about a one mile perimeter. Plus I think it should be polite to ask. I don't have to answer to anyone but fancy having your picture taken anywhere doing any thing, it ends up on Facebook or any other stupid site and the next day your boss calls you in and asks why you were on the Death Slide at Alton Towers when you said you were virtually dying and couldn't come in to work
  2. Because they are soft options. They (the jihadists) want everyone to feel threatened and frightened and to disrupt everyday life so that we end up being too scared to go anywhere where there may be large social groups for pleasure or employment etc. Eventually they hope to disrupt democracy/capitalism totally. Most of the tickets sold for this particular concert were Christmas presents, what parent today is not going to think twice before letting their children go to any such event today? Ask yourself, honestly, whenever you are going somewhere where there are groups of people, to a wine bar, a football match, a concert etc have you ever had even the slightest thought for your safety? If you haven't then you will do because that is what these daemons want ( I won't grace them with the term human or even creature), they are not true Muslims, they are terrorists and therein is their aim, 'terror', and unfortunately the sad thing is that, whilst everyone may not agree with the whole of the Islamic faith, all Muslims are being blamed. If you think about the Irish situation and the atrocities performed by the IRA (another terrorist group based loosely on 'Religion' and absolving their actions through it) the public hatred and fear was not directed at the whole of the Irish people or their particular choice of religion. I may be an old cynic but I am becoming a Luddite, I rarely use my computer and avoid all social media, (why would anyone want to publish the most intimate (or boring) moments of their lives to strangers, but that's another story) I have only just bought a mobile phone ( a basic Nokia 101 £10) for emergencies on the boat and I live in the back of beyond. I don't particularly like being in any group of people anymore. What does amaze me is the reaction from the public in these situations, "we are here for each other, we will stand up together, we are one" etc, etc, so why are the general public such selfish ****'s the rest of the time? If there was a war today would you survive on 2oz of butter a week? The shelves of the shops would be stripped within hours and loaded up into the ubiquitous 4x4, that is if anyone survived the first attack. I do not believe in conspiracy theories but I would advise anyone to watch 'The 4 Horsemen' on You tube. It is frightening to realise how manipulated we all really are........ rant over. My heart goes out to all those killed, hurt, injured or affected in anyway by this latest appalling act but I fear it will not be the last.
  3. thanks for all the comments guys, having cruised at an average of 1200 revs I am getting 50% more from my fuel,,,it takes me twice as long but sine we have no timetable who cares!
  4. The barge is a delightful canal,,,,,,the locks are a pain not just heavy but awkward,,,wouldnt put me off using it again
  5. Many thanks !!! much more reliable than CART!!!!
  6. Good morning one & all Does anyone who knows what the current height level is for passing under the M5, if all is well I will be going through tues/weds? I sent an email to CART asking the same last Friday with no response so I will ring them this morning, wish me luck. Cheers
  7. Ok I have done a few searches but couldn't find what I was looking for so apologies if this has been covered before. On this trip, compared to the one over Christmas, we seem to have used far more fuel than normal yet we have hardly used the Mukuni and we try to keep around the 2 mark on the rev counter. We have however, as previously posted, been using the Coventry Canal and had to stop at least 10 times to un snag the prop, everything from plastic bags and rope to a fully hoody complete with zip. Could this have affected consumption? The RCR did a full engine check before we set off, no problems, oil & water & stern gland checked each day. I read somewhere that 8 hours cruising = 10 litres of fuel. Does anyone have any comments/suggestions/opinions? Thanks
  8. We are moored in the basin and no complaints. Coventry itself is a mixture of historic buildings, St Mary's Guild Hall is stunning (free entrance and they let dogs in!!) and the ubiquitous shopping 'malls' but the centre is actually very clean and tidy, as were the towpaths along the canal, it is just the amount of rubbish actually in the canal which is impossible to avoid. When we moored last night I checked the weed hatch and the prop was again snagged, mainly with plastic bags, but there was also a certain item of ladies clothing which took more effort to untwine
  9. Yes thanks, Thanks to the previous owners, who commissioned it, it is really good condition and we have no regrets. We have repainted the roof and it is booked in for blacking in July so it will brilliant after that. We are lucky in that we can use it whenever we want to for as long as we want so at the first sign of good weather, off we go!!!
  10. Set off last Friday for a two month trip heading towards Stafford initially (as booked on an RCR Course next weekend) but today decided to branch off and visit Coventry. Whilst we haven't had the boat long we have done a fair bit of cruising and I have to say I have never seen so much rubbish in a canal before. There is the ubiquitous foliage and tree trunks but, if they do introduce a 'return fee' on plastic bottles you could make a fortune. There was a section of a garden shed, a baby stroller (not sure if the occupant was still in it), bags of rubbish, furniture, at least two mattresses, a huge '2 for 1 Pub Meals' sign, wrought iron railings, a TV, loads of plastic boxes, toys, balls, containers etc even a dead dog!!! (If you have lost a small black and white Jack Russel type) and quite a few things which were obviously from Canal Boats e.g. oil containers and blue toilet liquid bottles. There were a lot of houses whose gardens ran down to the canal and the amount of rubbish piled up and overflowing was dreadful. Who are these pigs who do this? We got snagged up but fortunately it was only plastic, though it took a good 20mins to clear it, and not pieces of metal. When we left our overnight moorings another boat left before us set off and just tied a few plastic bags filled with rubbish onto the 'dog bin' pole. I was going to say something but both he and his boat looked as rough as a B's A and he was built like a BS so I didn't. Now I feel guilty not doing so.........hence the rant. I am by no means perfect but it is a sad state of affairs.......
  11. We have just come back from 3 weeks on the boat, unfortunately not cruising, doing maintenance during which I removed all fenders (pp not rope) and cleaned them, first with bilge ex and then with heavy duty car wash. I left them to dry then washed them with 'clean and wax' and when they were dry I polished with a cloth and they came up brilliantly. If you just want to kill plant life/algae you can rinse them with a mild solution of household ammonia & washing up liquid.
  12. Our boat had the tiniest mixer bar you could imagine, 117mm centres, but with a TMV set at around 40degrees. I am replacing it with a standard thermostatic bar valve and I might move the TMV as the hot water to the basin gets really hot.
  13. The whole shower cubicle is fairly new with a ceramic tray,which the previous owners had set in slightly lower as they were both quite tall and a white bi-fold door. The panels I have are very similar to the above and look very good quality, it's just that I don't like the colour. Maybe I am being too pedantic, my partner says we should just get on with enjoying the boat rather than looking for work that doesn't need doing!!! I am changing the shower fittings though as the one that is/was in is a tiny mixer bar with 117mm centres, the type of thing you see in motorhomes or caravans, I don't know why they put that in as there is a concealed TMV so they could have used a standard mixer bar, anyway that is what I am replacing with when we go next week so if anyone one wants/needs a 117mm mixer valve shout up, you can have it !!!
  14. ignore
  15. Closure for now The makuni is up and running again with a big thank you to Ed Shires at FC Marine (07922 163 072 As well as the ECU their was an air lock in the fuel supply line which he cleared by disconnecting the fuel line & running the system a couple of times,,,then off she went; nice guy would defo use/recommend him!