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  1. Most people would get one from a scrapyard and cut and weld to suit.
  2. You may have difficulty recovering your anchor from a river bed as there are trees and other 'snags' underwater. Consider rigging a separate tripping line with a float. This only for practising. In emergency you would NOT rig a tripping line.
  3. Can't you borrow an anchor from another boater? There's one on eBay for £20.
  4. Most narrowboat owners will understand that your boat has much less effect and that you need to keep some power on.
  5. I don't know about Sky, but on the Virgin box it warns you not to take the card out often.
  6. If I see a nice pair, I think it only polite to get permission........................
  7. Or a couple of fat chicks sat on the bow.
  8. I can't see the rudder extension doing any harm and it will give some steerage even in neutral or at low revs. Drums full of water make good trial ballast.
  9. Yes, I have Li-ion batteries that are ten years old. But they were kept charged and hardly used.
  10. Presumably, you have operated it before you fitted the extension; what was the handling like then, or have you just bought it? Is the propeller properly submerged? Is it sticking out below the transom at all?
  11. It only takes 25A when it's doing a hard job - if you get my drift.
  12. I have Heuga style carpet tiles in my boatman's cabin and they haven't curled up. And you could glue them down if they did and still be able to lift them for washing.
  13. Can you check that the charger hasn't failed? (with a voltmeter) or try another charger? You can get 'em cheap from Halfords or Amazon - you know - a multipurpose one.
  14. What BSS actually says, The provisions of this section of Part 6 in the 2002 BSS Standards are mandatory for non-private boats where applicable.If there's only one escape route from your boat and this becomes blocked by fire, you and other occupants on the boat could suffer personal injuries, burns or suffocation.This is why it's a very good idea for all boats to have two means of escape from accommodation areas. To give sufficient space for people to fit through, and escape from the fire, it's recommended that all escape routes on your boat have a minimum clear opening of 0.2m2 (310in2) and a minimum width of 380mm (15ins). [6.7]
  15. 45mm2 OK, it works! but you won't see the result until you post - it doesn't show whilst editing.