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  1. Thanks. This has worked for me on Android 7 and Chrome.
  2. Jabsco still make this. There are two models - 12V and 24V. http://www.xylemflowcontrol.com/marine-and-rv/jabsco-electric-flexible-impeller-pumps/23680-series-water-puppy.htm On a Jabsco bronze pump, the model number is usually stamped on the end cover. Does your pump look like the one linked above? Impeller and gasket here https://www.jabscoshop.com/marine/pumps/deck-anchor-wash-pumps/23680-4103-water-puppy-self-priming-pump-24-volt-dc.htm The impeller is the same for both models (12V and 24V)
  3. There should be a model number on it somewhere?
  4. If they are volunteers, they are not 'employed' by CaRT. Ergo, they are not staff. It makes me wonder if CaRT would be liable for any damage caused by their Volockies.
  5. To get the best advice here you need to tell us what you intend to run from the inverter. Will you be on mains power most of the time with just day trips on the canal or will you spend days at a time out cruising? Do you intend to run any power hungry machines like a washing machine? Try and list all the consumers - TVs, laptops, phones etc. Please read some innverter topics http://canalworld.net/forums/index.php?/search/&q=inverter&type=forums_topic&search_in=titles&updated_after=year
  6. CaRT say on their website, "Although we don’t need to see your discs to know whether a boat is licensed, it’s still a legal requirement to display them along with your boat name and index number."
  7. Many people don't bother to display the license as CaRT can check without it. So you can't assume these boats were all unlicensed. And you can check, if the boat is displaying its index number. https://canalrivertrust.org.uk/boating/licensing/boat-check
  8. It will reappear sooner than you might think! Probably the next time you use the forum. This is certainly what I am experiencing!
  9. But, oddly, most cars are advertised with engine power in PS, not kW.
  10. Look it up on Whatpub.com. It's well worth a visit and is close to the Rochdale canal. https://whatpub.com/pubs/HAL/1022/polished-knob-todmorden
  11. At the Polished Knob, in Todmorden, you can get two pints of proper beer for £3.40 but only on a Monday!
  12. Not tongue-in-cheek. But only as a temporary measure and using electrical tape. If successful, you could then use a terminal block to secure the unused wires. Obviously, you would not want potentially 'live' wires floating around.
  13. I think a capstan is just a type of windlass as it is sometimes called a capstan windlass. Capstans have a vertical axis.
  14. OED has "Late Middle English: probably an alteration of obsolete windas, via Anglo-Norman French from Old Norse vindáss, literally ‘winding pole’." On the old sailing ships the windlass was operated by men pushing on radial, wooden poles.
  15. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EscjYGHKHxM test only When I cut and pasted this random link from Youtube Uk it was embedded automatically. I opted, though, to change this for a link. So it seems to be working on my Win10 laptop.