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  1. In that case the HooToo would be better in your scenario. - I use my TP-Link Nano "Router" only to repeat my "MiFI" 4G/LTE connection. Public wifi networks are great if they're reliable/fast but there's many which depend on slow broadband circuits which can easily become congested or overutilised. I used one recently where I frequently got 1mbps down!
  2. In theory no, but I haven't tested it as I've not had a limited number of sessions. - Repeaters don't usually have DHCP configured on them, as DHCP will be configured on the gateway device (CPE router or firewall appliance) that the access point connects to. With this in mind, they will know how many IP addresses they are leasing to you and can limit the number of sessions based on that. RichM
  3. I use a TP-Link Nano Travel Router which although reported to be faster, it's similar to what mross suggested. As the name suggests, it is also a router but can easily be set to repeater-only mode and it does a reasonable job of that. It extends wifi coverage about 30ft which isn't amazing but reasonable given its simplicity and physical size. For me I found it to be good value for money though TP-Link tend to focus more on the budget end of the market. If you use a username & password to authenticate with the public WiFI network iin question, it's likely you will still be limited to the same number of active sessions.
  4. So today we replaced the battery bank but since then we now have no 12v feed going in to the boat for some strange reason, so we've lost the use of the water pump, fridge, radios and lighting. Though the engine will start and the battery gauge reads full and the inverter works... Everything was reconnected to the same terminals on the new bank. Have checked the isolators and the trip switches. Any suggestions as to where we should look? Cheers Rich
  5. The time on the server got out of sync and was incorrect. I corrected this last night but as the order posts depend on this, it jumbled things up somewhat. Should no longer be an issue going forward. Cheers
  6. No problem. Looks like you received an email from us at 18:07 to your new address. The logs show that your mail server accepted the email, so looking good. Cheers RichM
  7. I have checked our mail server logs and can see that your mail provider is rejecting the emails sent from us. It appears this is not just happening to you, but to others also using the same email provider. We're investigating this but if you do have another email address with another provider, using that instead (For Canal World emails) will workaround the issue in the meantime. RichM
  8. I leave my fenders down pretty much all the time but I am predominantly on a ship canal where there's no narrow locks and there's a 6mph speed limit, not to mention much bigger boats some of which weighing 80 tons. The edges of the canal are lined with iron sheeting(?) and what looks like old rail line. I have recently ordered small (junior) go-kart tyres as the small pipe fenders don't always cut it. It will look something like this but a bit smaller: Source:
  9. I have spent hours this afternoon cleaning out my engine bay and fixed a fuel leak. 6 rolls of kitchen towels later, it's looking much better. Half the problem is that it's awkward to get to being a semi-trad. Someone previously recommended using a wet vacuum for this job. - Does anyone recommend these for this purpose? Cheers RichM
  10. I have 2 identical JVC head units at the bow and stern. They have bluetooth & USB functionality but I don't think they're brilliant head units. Only reason I went for them was because it was to replace two old JVC units, meaning the wiring harness was the same. Ideally I would have preferred a Sony head unit as those are better designed in my experience.
  11. I have a JVC car radio and a pair of 13" Alpine speakers mounted beneath the hatch. It's ok I suppose but the engine noise drowns out the music somewhat. Here's an old photo from last year but you can just about make them out below. I usually pair up an old iPad to the JVC head unit so I can stream music from spotify.
  12. Further to the feedback received, we've set the attachment limit to 200MB, up from 100MB. Images should now be compressed once again on upload to prevent large files consuming excessive space. RichM
  13. Curious to know what caused this, anyone know?