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  1. I'm looking for a professional solar panel installation on our boat in the South West of the canal network. Does anyone recommend anyone in that region? Cheers RichM
  2. That MySQL error is a server-side issue, so not just you. Usually that error occurs when the database details in the config file are incorrect or if MySQL simply isn't running/crashed, but it can be caused by other things such as database corruption. RichM
  3. I have removed them from Activity Streams. They have been reduced to 3 on the main page and have been resized to 200px. I hope this is seen as a reasonable compromise bearing in mind 5x Gallery Images were displayed horizontally for years prior to the upgrade and as such, we have reduced the number of images displayed. We are looking into implementing a plugin to allow users to hide it if they wish. RichM
  4. You are right in that there is a 100mb personal attachment limit though this is nothing new. IIRC when you reach the limit, it won't allow you to upload any more attachments until you delete any you no longer require. (see attached which shows how to get to the right page) The site is hosted on a server which uses SSD hard drives which are fast but mean storage was limited until recently which is likely one of the reasons behind this limit. However, we are trialing a "Cloud" storage solution and if that is successful, increasing the 100mb personal attachment limit will be viable. RichM
  5. Thanks for confirming. The issue that caused this also caused other issues with the theme this morning which are now fixed. Apologies for the inconvenience RichM
  6. Thanks for reporting it. Should be ok now, it was caused by a missing Apache module. Please can you kindly re-test? Cheers RichM
  7. Tried doing that - looks fine to me. Though I appreciate we all have different perspectives and I guess this is largely a subjective matter. I would still appreciate any screenshots showing what people are not happy with.
  8. Thanks for the feedback. To those reporting display issues on smaller screens, would you mind posting a screenshot as I'm unable to replicate this. I'm using an older iPhone 6 and a 15" laptop. We have had gallery image streams for years. The only difference is that on the main index page, we now have one gallery stream rather than two which also appears on the Activity Streams. Amongst other things, it provides some visual identity which we would be lacking if it wasn't for the streams. Thanks RichM
  9. I have one of these for hot water/heating but Webasto's/Eberspachers don't like to be run for short periods of time and/or at reduced power. As such I have set mine to operate at maximum power early in the morning to heat up the water and in the afternoon to re-heat water. If I need heating, I put it on override outside of those timeframes until the boat is warm enough. - this works as it never reaches its maximum setting of 30°C except during the summer as it's a little underpowered for the size of boat.
  10. Thanks for the feedback: Rather than have two gallery streams we thought we would try by replacing it with one at the side. The reason we have them is partly because it gives a visual identity to the forum and we'd like to promote the use of the Gallery. Previous gallery stream: (x2):
  11. Thanks again for your patience this evening as we migrated the site back to its primary server. Ideally we would have liked to be able to provide some notice but the limitations we had meant that we were unable to do so though I'm pleased to advise that the migration was completed within 40 minutes. Again, I expect a few to have DNS resolution issues which will iron out automatically. I did what I could to reduce the impact of this but some ISPs take longer to update than others. Thanks for your understanding RichM
  12. Should be fixed now. Thanks for flagging this RichM
  13. We reported this to Invision not so long ago and to our surprise they replied to say it's the standard behaviour, "designed to conserve server resources". Though if you set a date range, you should be able to find search results dating back beyond a year. RichM
  14. Last night I noticed errors which suggested the hard drive was failing and swiftly moved the site to a different server overnight. I doubt the hard drive issue explains the speed issues some report as it performed fine for many. However the server was previously in a data centre in France (yes, I know - it was only a temporary server) where as the current temporrary one is in a data centre in London, so it's on a completely different network which could explain why it's loading faster. Ping times are some 40ms quicker testing from here. I am going to look further into caching to improve performance. Keep the feedback coming RichM
  15. We had to carry out some emergency maintenance overnight due to a hard drive issue on the server. The quickest fix was to move the site to a different server. Most should be able to access the site fine but I expect a few to have DNS resolution issues which will iron out automatically. I did what I could to reduce the impact of this but some ISPs take longer to update than others. Thanks for your understanding RichM