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  1. Work in progress on lock #1. How about a caption competition for photo #4?
  2. Can't see the Rufford Branch re-opening on 17th March. They started building a dam above lock #1 this morning.
  3. L+L Rufford Branch closed 16th January to 17th March 2017 for culvert repairs. https://canalrivertrust.org.uk/notice/7679/rufford-branch-marsh-moss
  4. Leaving Greater Manchester.
  5. I think that one is Jackson's Bridge (19).
  6. That one is due to Wigan being in Greater Manchester.
  7. They're replacing one of those dreadful "back-breaker" ground paddles. Note the total lack of any safety equipment. The HSE guys would throw a wobbler nowadays! The factory chimneys are long-gone. I guess Fred Dibnah had something to do with that as he didn't live very far away?
  8. The thread title had me rummaging through boxes and boxes of 35mm slides! These were taken in 1969 at lock 78 (Rose Bridge) on the Wigan flight.
  9. The Slipway pub at Burscough does indeed have a slipway but it comes to an abrupt end just below water level. There is a sheer drop off the end of it as a Land Rover driver recently found out. http://tinyurl.com/zno8q44
  10. Ooops !
  11. That's a tad ageist isn't it?
  12. Yes, that's the one. He was in such a hurry that he left a bottom gate paddle half-open at Appley Lock. Folks coming down after Moxy could figure out why the lock wasn't filling! Seems to be a lot of novices about at the moment?
  13. High speed yogurt pot on the Leeds-Liverpool just below Appley Lock (91) this afternoon.
  14. I believe that the one in pic #5 was called "Derwent".
  15. Taken near the Ring 'O Bells, Burscough ?