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  1. Bridge works are in progress.
  2. They did say that they would try to reopen the canal in time for the Federation of Bridgewater Cruising Clubs rally which is this weekend at Worsley Cruising Club.
  3. There is ample room now in the new basin in Llangollen. As ditchcrawler says there is a charge which I think is £6 per night but you can only stay for 2 nights. The charge includes electric and water on the pontoons.
  4. All the info should be on the CaRT website.
  5. You best bet would be to sail to top lock and be prepared to stop and tie up just before the flight. There is sometimes room in the arm straight on beyond the lock flight. If you are not in a hurry wait for another boat. CaRT assistance is available on Tuesdays but you need to book in advance. (conditions apply) Or you could go on farcebook and look at wiganflightcrew
  6. Anyone local with up to date photos or info?
  7. We sterilize the tank at the beginning of the year with Milton and then use a filter jug before drinking any water.
  8. Thanks for the update larryjc.
  9. Twice since Christmas I have contacted the emergency number to report that the junction pound between Henhurst lock and Poolstock top lock was dangerously close to overflowing the canal bank. The canal did overflow last year and a number of pensioners bungalows were flooded. CaRT have been quick to respond on both occasions.
  10. Keep your eye on the Bridgewater Canal stoppage - the canal should reopen late May.
  11. Have a look at the penninewaterways website for canals in the North West.
  12. Keep posting Ray as CaRT press releases don't always reach everyone.
  13. If the water is coming up through the floor you need to drill a hole in the floor at a low point and use a pump or aquavac to drain off any water which has collected beneath the floor.
  14. The emergency CaRT numbers that I have on my phone are :- Peak period 03030 40 40 40 Off peak period 0800 47 999 47 I have used both these numbers recently.
  15. Just started on my shopping list. It's bottom blacking time soon.