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  1. Thanks thats what i came up with. Just wanted to check first.
  2. Im not on the boat and forgot to measure it today but is the pipe a standard size or does it vary. I want to move it from the engine bay to the rear seat locker if possible.
  3. Shot in the dark fuel filter. My car diesel was pinking lumpy on low revs but was ok when foot was further down. Changed the fuel filter seems ok now. It was done a year ago. Probibably not the problem but just a thought
  4. Something like this. i know it's not a boat.
  5. Thanks it's a mixture off the two and can get my hands on both saws.
  6. I've got myself a sheet off buffalo board. I can make all new seats, locker cover seats and 2 engine covers out off it. Whats the best way of cutting it. And what to use to cut the sealed edges. The stuff was blooming expensive so want to get it right Ive got some off this stuff as a sealer. http://www.teknos.com/en-GB/website/uk/uk-industrial/uk-iw/teknoseal-4000-00/
  7. Thanks I've laid on my back doing under the deck. Summer time job is to remove the batteries I've temporarily derusted under them and rust treated just to protect that area until I get more time. It's hard just spending a weekend there.
  8. Thanks. I bent in awkward positions to get down there. I scrapped, wire brushes, hoovered out then degreased it. I used flag rust converter. Red oxide 2 coats then it will have 2 to 3 coats off bilge paint.
  9. Been tidying up the engine bay over the last few weekends. From this to to its not the best looking, but not rusty now. All scrapped out and rustproofed. At least its protected now.
  10. Interesting. This is my summertime job reseal the water tank. I did email armourguard his response was. Once cleaning and abrading the entire surface, you can apply :1 x coat of Armourguard STfollowed my 2-3 coats of Armourguard PW.If you have pitted areas you would like to smooth over, you can apply ourEasy Fair epoxy filler in between the Armourguard ST coat and 1st coat ofArmourguard PW.I've attached the data sheets for all 3 products. If you require a quote,please let me know the area and we can work that out for you.Please also note that we haven't tested rust treatment compatibility withour Armourguard ST. Although it should be fine, we would just recommendthat you try a test sample first to ensure it bonds as it should
  11. Thanks. I didnt think about the heat. Good point. That's why sometimes it's good to think out aloud. Just rang a local trailer makers and a 10x5 sheet is £125 plus vat. Reckon I could get new locker seat covers out off that.
  12. I need to replace mine, i tried some wicked external marine ply which turned out to be utter pants. It delaminated after 6 months even though i treated it to some special wood sealer, varnish and more sealer. I know I'm going to have to bit the bullet and get some Hexa or buffalo board. But has anyone used a composite plastic board or decking planks, the planks i think i may have problems stopping the water from seeping through the gaps? Ive seen composite plastic decking planks too. Ant ideas?
  13. Practice practice practice. Ive started to reverse into my berth a few months ago. I'm getting there. I get strange looks on the canal when there are no boats around I can be seen practicing my reversing aiming for a point on the bank. Luckily the G&S canal is wide enough to turn a 60ftr around. I still get nervous coming into the marina nearly 2 years of owning the boat. But it's always the same when you do your best reversing no one sees but when you cock it right up everyone sees.
  14. I know it's not a split, well I hope it's not. I've been under the bed many times today and it's dry so is the bilge under it. I've got a small inspection hole and I send a camera in there every now and then. I'm venturing under there in a bit.
  15. I think I may have solved my intermittent pump going off. Only goes off occasionally maybe a few times a day. While cleaning out my engine bilge channeling I noticed a drain hole seeping a small dribble off water and looks like it's been doing it for a while. It's connected to the Califier (ever how you spell it). Haven't ventured under the bed yet to see. But any ideas what could cause it. Will take a few photos later off the set up. It does it even when the water is not being heated.