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  1. Are the extra up/down for trim tabs?
  2. Is the direct to battery so that you cannot shut it down too quickly via a battery master switch but needs switching off via its control. It can then go through a cooling down phase.
  3. Shame but you did say a few posts earlier "OK, this looks too good to be true" and now you know why
  4. IMO if it did not have remedial work done fairly soon after that survey it will be a fair bit worse after another 8 years. Personally I would run away and not waste money on a survey.
  5. The 8 year old survey indicated presence of osmosis blisters and a hull moisture of 30%-40%. I would want to know if there has been remedial work done else the hull may be like W+T's in Build Blogs. Go look first but I think I would need an out of water survey.
  6. Ahhh got it, the hatch had been opened for some reason, left open, water "splashed" in until there was so much sloshing about it lowered the boat in the water to the point that the open hatch top was below water level then the enevitable happened.
  7. Not being a NB owner can you not open the weed hatch when on the water without sinking the boat?
  8. Have you checked glowplugs and electric supply to them. Is the stop cable going all the way back?
  9. Go Dutch, Space of a cruiser and strength of steel!
  10. Sorry to read about your problem and you have received great advise from the forum. Have you thought about changing your username from Rusty69
  11. Nahhhh should be keelhauled
  12. Sorry to disappoint but its only about 750ft officially Keith Stewart found that the loch goes to a depth of 889ft in 2016
  13. I remember going out on the Humber many years ago in the early evening, the river was as flat as a sheet of glass absolutely no movement at all it was quite spooky.
  14. Have you brought on additional weight such as tools and put them all to one side?