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  1. Nothing dangerous about a flue damper, being a designed feature of the stove they are fitted to.
  2. I managed to clear an immovable blockage on my last Boat by operating the flush whilst hooked up to a running pump out, might be worth a go. You could hear it clear after operating the flush two or three times.
  3. Would appear that he wants to cultivate the reed bed to prevent people mooring opposite his garden, rather than to attract wildlife.
  4. That's my friends Boat with the Jp1, it's a lovely little engine. I recently rebuilt the top end for him which made quite a difference to the performance.
  5. The only potential issue I can see would be the thickness of the coating. If the chimney to collar is a tight fit, then you may run into problems with power coating.
  6. That's some fairly wayward paintwork!
  7. Is the gearbox a casualty of the tug of war at Ricky festival?
  8. As others have suggested above, having a good welder insert a plate would be the best solution. If you end up using a filler, the best available is a two pack one sold under the name of easy fair, which is both flexible and sticks very well to properly prepared surfaces. The only drawback is that it is only sold in fairly large quantities. Available from a company called resin store in Cornwall.
  9. With a diameter in excess of a dustbin lid it's a very rare can indeed.
  10. The 'marina' owner sounds a bit of a Hampton wick.
  11. A failed engine mount isn't always visible to the eye, as the weight of the engine will hold it together. You may need to use a lever of some sort to lift each corner a little.
  12. You could use 4"x2" running parallel with your keelson but slotted to fit over the bearers, and glue wood to the keelson to level it up. At least that way you would keep the timber away from the base plate and achieve a strong framework for your flooring, it will also leave the floor at a reasonable height.
  13. Could be, I bought it in 2001 so don't know how long the build took. Would it be normal to acquire the reg number before construction?
  14. I'm assuming that there is some variation in the possible dates, as my last boat was a 1992 build and its number was 478 _ _ .
  15. Thanks Richard, I have already tried them some time ago and it seems they had already scrapped the ones that had been removed, I guess I could try them again just in case.