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  1. Back on topic, I think it is sad that some appear to subscribe to the view that 'bumping' other peoples boats is OK - I have even heard people say that boating is "a contact sport" - it isn't and there is nothing amusing about clouting someone else's home with 20 tons of steel.
  2. When we bought our boat in 2005, it was fitted with a Shurflo Aqua-King 2088 on-demand fresh water pump which runs on 24 VDC and delivers at a rate of three gallons a minute with a maximum pressure of 45 PSI. This pump is no longer supplied by chandlers and appears to have been replaced by the 3900 series which I have tried and found to be inferior - especially in terms of endurance and resilience. In the early days, when the pump failed we simply replaced it with a new one and we always kept a spare on board because like so many things boaty - it will fail when you most need it and are least able to source a replacement. I recently discovered that the tried and tested 2088 series pumps are still available for industrial and 'Recreational Vehicle' use and that the only 'marine' aspect of the old Aqua-King was its motor. With the pumps that failed, it was always due to pump-head components such as leaking diaphragms, distorted flanges or pressure switch failures. The robust 24 VDC motors always remained sound. Buying a replacement pump-head or individual parts is possible but they generally need to be imported from the USA and transatlantic shipping is often more expensive than the parts. My solution has been to buy a cheap 12 VDC version of the pump (sold as the 'Trail-King') from a UK Caravan supplier, I remove the pump-head and fit that new pump-head to one of the original Aqua-King 24 VDC motors. The job takes no more than a few minutes and is much cheaper than buying one of the new pumps from a chandler.
  3. Thanks - that is a useful link.
  4. Quite right!
  5. The form of democracy that I thought we enjoyed in the United Kingdom was the right to vote for appropriately skilled members to represent us in the House of Commons. I am sure that petitions and referenda have their place but I prefer to put my trust in the elected members who should have a better grasp of the relevant facts. Mass protests may influence the government but I cannot recall anything that they have really achieved. For the majority of us, the only way to make a real difference is to exercise our right to vote and volunteer for or support good causes We also need to be wary of the media which seems to engage in a frightening degree of bias these days - I learned long ago not to believe everything that I read in the papers or hear from the BBC news. The media appear to be at war with President Trump - so can we really believe what they say?
  6. The tunnel isn't too bad - we can get through with Alnwick as long as we take it slowly. These days, the South Oxford seems to be a lot better throughout.
  7. Political Corectness only determines what people may say it does not determine how they may think. If someone holds a particular view and expresses that view we have an opportunity to explore why they hold that view and if we believe them to be wrong we have an opportunity to correct them. If people simply say what they are expected to say but still hold bigoted views, what chance have we got of understanding and dealing with their concerns.
  8. Last time I was in Glasgow the Kelvin engine factory was still intact but in use as an Asian food wholesalers. Before the Kelvin site closed, I bought a new injection pump from there and in those days the stores were full of goodies and the man in charge was very helpful.
  9. I always enjoyed this programme - although initially filmed in the Birmingham area, I seem to remember that the set for later episodes was moved to a British Waterways yard in the Nottingham area. Freeview channels provide some excellent programmes, I enjoyed watching 'Yes Minister' yesterday and also, 'The Good Life' was on recently . . .
  10. When you talk of 'black' people are referring to that once proud but now extinct breed that once hewed coal deep underground? Or perhaps you are referring to strike breakers or perhaps traders who sold goods 'off-grid' during the Second World War and afterwards - some words have many meanings.
  11. John, known to this forum as 'Big John' (a good description - he makes me look short) and Fi have been good friends and were regular visitors to Cropredy. Last time we heard from them, their boat 'Epithany' was for sale and they were planning a move to the land. Those of us who have known them will know of their struggles with Fi's health. Fi was a wonderful person and will be missed by everyone who knew her.
  12. Straight talking for me means that if I think something is wrong I will say so and do my best to explain why I have formed that opinion. I may not like or agree with Farage and Trump but I my reasons for feeling that way have nothing at all to do with their race. With regard to foreigners, all foreigners indeed all people, I believe it is right to speak out against practices that are cruel or barbaric. Incidentally, so far, I do not know of anything that Trump has done that falls into that category and although I do not share views expressed by Farage, as far as I can tell, he did not mislead British voters during the Brexit campaign.
  13. There certainly was a towpath and a crossover bridge still remains where the towpath changes sides. The towpath on the eastern was quite high up on the bank and subsequent tree growth means that it cannot be used for its original purpose because the towing line would be obstructed.
  14. The issue that I see with the modern take on 'political correctness' is that it tends to mask what people really think and suppress honest debate. This is just my opinion - I cannot say that it is a fact or an 'alternative fact'. Before the days of 'political correctness', 'alternative facts' were called lies. I do not consider myself racist and I would certainly not deliberately use language that may offend anyone but I do believe we need to get back to the practice of straight talking. That means saying exactly what we mean and meaning what we say. I think Trump has already proved that this is his nature - whether or not you agree with his action he seems intent on carrying out what he promised in the run up to the election. How many politicians do that? I have to agree . . .
  15. The towpath itself is much improved but there are still some difficult dips toward Banbury. Having said that, when I am cycling, I only use the towpath to get to the nearest road access - in my view a bicycle is a vehicle best used on the highway.