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  1. Fat shaming perhaps?
  2. Why?
  3. Maybe the plan was to sell it to a woman; not sure how they are with feet but men have been lying to them about inches since the inch was invented don't know if this is a swindle though?
  4. Have you asked the Vlockies at Hillmorton if anyone has handed it in to them?
  5. Never seen a boat with its own steam powered Ferris Wheel before
  6. How about if you live aboard for 50 weeks of the year and go on a narrowboat holiday for the other 2 weeks?
  7. You should only need the one lead as the negatives should already be common, you could save money by going halves with another boater who wants a lead
  8. If I'm going to climb a ladder I'm going to do it sensibly
  9. I still can't get my head around the idea of going to Aldi to do your weekly grocery shop and walking out with a full size 3 section ladder, I mean how the hell are you supposed to get it in your trolley?
  10. Heading east it is immediately past the railway bridge on the non towpath side, it is a small brick built open air elsan. Only easy to spot if you know where to look, easier to spot if heading west and you are looking at the far end of the concrete landing just before you go under the railway. edit to add, bridge 11A I think. edit to also add, at least I hope it is an elsan or I've been pouring poo into someone's barbecue
  11. Best cross breed name I've heard of is a cross between a Jack Russel and a schitzu
  12. That double bed is going to be interesting if the person nearest the wall needs to get up in the night for a pee, will have to climb over the other person
  13. A 5 bed detached property in that area is around the same price
  14. Most Solar controllers aren't designed specifically for marine use, they are primarily designed for off grid living and in this situation you are likley to have more things you may want to run off the controllers timed load circuit. This circuit uses regulated voltage battery power even during the day when panel voltages can be high. During the day the panels will charge the batteries and run the load if connected at 12v even if the panels are producing more, if the light level (and hence panel voltage) drops the batteries make up the shortfall in voltage to keep a stable 12v. Obviously at night it is all battery power used until the batteries get low in which case the circuit should switch of to protect the battery from discharging too low. on boats the circuit is rarely used unless you want timed lights for security reasons. If you just want a switched circuit it's easier to just pick up 12v from the battery and have a fuse in line than to mess about programming the Tracer output. But you can use it if you want to.