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  1. That may be so but it doesn't mean that an amateur can't build a good quality great sounding instrument. Both guitars that I have built have been played by very accomplished musicians and all have agreed that they sound just as good as a professionally made one. The do of course sound different but that is due more to the choice of pick ups fitted. And in the case of the hollow bodied it sounded beefier due to the resonance chamber. Fender stratocasters are a well built guitar but it is surprising how many get modified even if it is just a simple mod like a pick up change. Most amatuer built guitars are probably built from better tone wood than a factory produced one, if you are building a one off you can afford to choose better quality materials to start with.
  2. Nice guitar, I don't quite get making it as part of a furniture making course. But then what do I know, they probably make a nest of tables as part of a guitar making course.
  3. If space is limited why not mount it on the wall? Woodies guitar hangers are great, made of clear plastic and suspend the guitar using the strap buttons. If you wanted you can mount it upside down or even on the ceiling. Just make sure you won't get condensation build up behind it. They also do deeper ones for acoustics
  4. I can build them, still can't play after 20 years, lose interest and don't practice enough. I would have finished this one in natural wood but I got a bit of router chatter on one edge and had to use some filler, so it will be either a sun burst or if I don't like the finish it will be gloss black. The last one I built was a hollow bodied telecaster with a telecaster delux scratch plate and finished in natural wood. it had two volume controls and two tone controls all push pull switches with Seymour Duncan hot rod humbuckers, Coil cut front and back, series/parelell and reverse phase options as per the Jimmy Page wiring. Spent most of my life doing low voltage electrics so for me the wiring was the easy bit. I sold it to a mate who is a guitar teacher and plays in several bands, he uses it as his main gig guitar as it has plenty of tonal options so he can get away with taking fewer guitars to a gig and also being hollow bodied it is a lot lighter for long gigs. not sure if I still have photos but I will post one if I can find any. I only built my current one to find out if the last one was a fluke, but it seems to sound just as good.
  5. For those of you interested in guitars. I built a custom telecaster a couple of years ago, well the body anyway. I bought the neck, haven't got the skills confidence or tools to make a neck yet. i did a slightly different design, the body has belly and arm cut outs like a Stratocaster and instead of the standard control panel I fitted a curved one from a Bassman guitar. There is no scratch guard, the front pickup is mounted in a chrome pickup ring. it has a Seymour Duncan lil'59 mini humbucker in the bridge and a hot stack in the neck. Both control nobs are push pull switches, one to coil cut the humbucker and the other to boost the hot stack. The neck is a Mexican fender with fender locking tuners. When I finished it and set it up it sounded awesome, I played with it for a few weeks then stripped it down to paint. I wasn't happy with the finish and lost interest so the project was shelved. So two years later the boat is broken down and I'm getting board so I've decided to finish it. Rubbed it back to bare wood. Going to try a sunburst again, so far given it 5 coats of clear lacquer to seal the wood and two coats of vintage Amber. Will probably give it 6 or 7 coats, this may seem a lot but I'm using an air brush and it doesn't lay down much paint. Once I've done the black and cherry red I will only have to wait 6-8 weeks before rubbing down and polishing. Edit to add photo.
  6. My boat came with 2 solar panels fitted I have no idea how old they are or what type, I did find out from a previous owner that he thinks they are 140w and 80w. They were fitted with a cheap PWM controller which I have replaced with a 40amp tracer unit. This has made some improvement to how much power they are generating, but as a live aboard continual cruiser I want more power. The plan was originally to add another panel or two at a later date. However I was wondering if it would just make more sense to replace them with new higher wattage panels rather than mix them with new lower wattage. The tracer should be able to take 480watts of panels (480w/12v = 40amp, although Bimble state on their site that the 4215BN can take 520w of panels, I assume that they are built with a tolerance that can be over powered but don't expect the panels to max out that often?) so I can either fit another 260 or so watts of new panels to my existing array or replace with say a pair of new 250w units. the first option would be cheaper but the second option would probably perform better and take up less roof space therefore looking tidier. Also panel technology has moved on since these were fitted and I'm not sure how I can find out what type I have. So what would be the general consensus?
  7. I haven't seen a bar billiards table in about 30 years. I used to love the game, shame pubs don't put that sort of thing in the bar anymore, they prefer dining space. Anyone know of any canal side pubs that still have a bar billiards table?
  8. From the latest boaters update from CRT Vote from a boat Here we are again. Another national vote and while those who’ve been living on a boat for a few years will have had the information when published prior to last year’s EU referendum, those of you new to a life afloat (and those who didn’t get round to it last year) may need to know how to register to vote. The clock’s ticking and you have until 22 May so here goes… Firstly, check that you fulfil the eligibility criteria: Aged 18 or over, and Registered to vote in the UK by 22 May; and A British or Irish citizen living in the UK, or A Commonwealth citizen living in the UK who has leave to remain in the UK or who does not require leave to remain in the UK; or A British citizen living overseas who has been registered to vote in the UK in the last 15 years; or An Irish citizen living overseas who was born in Northern Ireland and who has been registered to vote in Northern Ireland in the last 15 years; or A citizen of the Commonwealth nations of Malta and Cyprus. All good? Then read on! If you have a permanent mooring then you’re effectively a resident of that area and the process is the same as for your land-lubbing neighbours. Just visit the Government’s voting registration website. It’s slightly more complicated if you’re always on the move and don’t have a home mooring. If this is your situation then you must register a declaration of local connection, which, when approved, will be valid for 12 months (or until you cancel it). It’s not too hard though, find your local electoral registration office via Google. You’ll then need to pop along, explain your local connection and fill in a form. The ‘local connection’ should be at a place you spend the most time or where you have some connection. This could be where you were last permanently registered or any boatyard or marina you regularly use for maintenance. Ta-da! If you didn’t apply to vote by post, all you now need to do is turn up on 8 June at your nearest polling station…
  9. Cruise for 1 mile and stay for 14 days, repeat every 14 days for a year. Total distance travelled 26 miles in a year and all in one direction. Next year turn around and go back the way you came. Make sure your place of work is in the middle of this cruising pattern and you are no more than 13 miles from work. Of course you will need to transport water and diesil to your boat and carry cassettes away, due to the water and services etc being too far apart; and you don't want to turn around to get back to where you started from, and keep changing direction. As far as I can tell you are not breaking any rules doing this as you are traveling on a continuous journey (all though admitiadly a very slow one) and you are travelling more than 20 miles. seems a lot of hard work though, much easier to cruise and enjoy the network.
  11. I was thinking of somewhere near bridge 17 as there is a footpath that runs to bridge 13 and the walk is only a mile or so, no idea what the bank is like along there though but would have at least thought it possible to moor opposite Yelvertoft Marina. If not no doubt someone will be along shortly to say so
  12. I was wondering the same thing myself. I thought perhaps of going a mile or two past crick and walking back down. I don't mind the walk and it will wear the dog out a bit, just wasn't sure how far past was necessary.
  13. photo number 2
  14. Getting dolphins stoned is wrong on so many levels, no matter what you are floating on
  15. With regard to what Alan just posted. If the plug isn't a barell type with a central hole and outside metal shieth or if it has several pins don't connect the meter.