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  1. Our Paloma pilot light doubles our gas consumption if left on 24/7. We now only have it on when in use
  2. Warwick is fine, the cape or saltisford. Some of Leaminginton on the approach not so good
  3. No it's not, I have to keep telling the other half that man flu is worse than bird flue
  4. The snap on multimeter is old, I suggest that you get a more modern digital meter when you can afford one as they are more accurate and have a higher resolution more suitable for measuring battery voltages (£10 - £20). Google using a multimeter for some excellent tutorials. Some Blue Peter sticky back plastic and vinyl transfers will transform your fridge Never drink tea with a spoon in the cup as it can lead to blindness
  5. I believe they are the old e-canalmapp, very good but with the following reservations Not updated regularly You can't see your tablet or mobile screen in bright sunlight whilst your underway Unless your mobile/tablet is on charge you will soon drain their internal batteries A bit of a faff scrolling, panning and zooming to identify local points of interest
  6. Act quick before it goes up to £127k http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Narrowboat-New-Build-2015-Canal-River-Project-Narrow-boat-Live-Aboard-/121811544122?hash=item1c5c88a83a:g:yiMAAOSwo6lWQaUb European Lady back on Ebay! Steve