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  1. Hello, we have the same water heater and also found high gas use when the pilot was left on. Have just checked the manual but no information on how gas much is used in stand by as it were. Here is their UK contact number, 01928 531870. If you have a spare five minutes a quick call would give definite answer. Garry.
  2. Hello, you could have a look at this painter. Robert Naghi. I have not used him but would consider doing so. Have a quick search on google and look at his site. His prices were good and he was happy to travel to you. cheers, Garry.
  3. Each to their own, projecting bolts, rivet washers, whatever makes you happy. Nice bottle of red in my case. It looks ok to me.
  4. Thanks for reply Nick, It is connected to the W terminal. Will take a look at the back of rev counter on Friday. All seems pretty much as before, however it would still be good to check it's accuracy. cheers.
  5. Oh, forget I said that.
  6. Hello, your help would be appreciated. I have a Lucas type A127 70amp alternator. I have changed the alternator pulley diameter to help with charging at relatively low tick over 409 rpm and average 700/750rpm when on the move. Will I need to adjust anything to allow rev counter to give accurate rpm reading with the smaller pulley? If yes can you give advise? Thanks in advance, Garry.
  7. Is there not a vat exemption if used as a home ? Must also need following up. No vat equals more to spend on fit out.
  8. Sorry, not good with links and things. Just tap 192224403880 in search box and item should be found.
  9. Have a look at ebay item 1922244D3880. Not guite 12" but close. Could be worth asking for more information. Garry.
  10. I guess, with cash in hand you may be more comfortable buying from a known broker. I would feel a little uneasy handing over £70k to a private buyer, as at three years old it could still have finance owing on it. Only my suspicious nature but you really need to make all possible enquiries.
  11. Lets hope they don't simply go through the motions ! Sorry.
  12. Totally agree.
  13. Looks like this boat was sold by Whilton marina, so may not be the Coward family on board anymore.
  14. Mike, have a look at the John Barnard youtube clips. Follow his procedures for the roof painting. It must work, he wouldn't take a chance on rust coming thru when charging circa £10,000 for his paint jobs.
  15. Hello, have a look at waterside moorings. (Claverton )The mooring is twice the length that you need however it's only 1 mile to nearest facilities and less than 4 miles to Bath, Shops, bank and post office within 2 miles. You really could not get any nearer.