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  1. Just what is a "progressive alliance" compared to any other kind of alliance/coalition government? This seems to be a popular phrase/sound bite just now but I cannot see anything that says what it means.
  2. Investing money and spending money are not separate either. Invested money can do good for others too in that investing in an expanding business can grow jobs and prosperity for others who in turn spend their wages.
  3. I would hope that some of our MPs would have those attributes some of he time at least. However, if it will help I will volunteer to be Dictator and promise to be all of the above at least until all of that power goes to my head!
  4. You never know. It will be like a nuke going off for the EU if France leave as a founder country. Less Frexit but more like Fekit for the EU! I have no idea how the French are likely to vote but it is hard to imagine they will go to the right far enough to vote in Le Pen but perhaps not impossible and with every security scare in France possibly they win a few more votes.
  5. Hopefully the election in the UK will see the end or beginning of the end for UKIP. They stand little chance of getting an MP in Parliament. In Wales we just need to get them out of the assembly and the likes of Neil Hamilton can go back under the rock he came from. I was hoping that he would resign his position and stand for the UK parliament and lose.
  6. Indeed and with true Gaelic flare they had decimal time too and produced conversion clocks that showed both the convention al mins/hours etc but also decimal time. French revolutionary time started as the mandatory system in 1793 but gave up on it in 1795. It didn't catch on anywhere else either of course.
  7. Naay!
  8. There are at least 2 problems with your statement. First that the alternatives seen so far are much worse and I can see no value in an elitocracy or meritocracy as removing a layer of voters deemed "unworthy" to vote would imply. Second, what such as statement often means when rolled out is that the stupid are those that do not think or vote" like I would wish them to".
  9. That is true but it would be just as true for a constantly idling petrol engine. You will notice a lot of old stationary oil/paraffin engines have a compression release mechanism/governor when idling with no load thus missing a compression/ ignition cycle or two until the rpm speed drops too low.
  10. I mean and meant by buying votes the direct bribery of paying someone to vote in a specific way not money spent on the general campaign. Some of the issue has been how the election expenses were divided up ie does it come out of the national party budget or the local one there are rules of course that govern that. I don't know how it will turn out I suspect we won't know until after the election. Of course the spending is limited/restricted in this country to try and even the field so an independent stands a chance against a large party in the constituency it all gets a bit muddied at the national level. I think the Lib Dems will make small gains but it can't reach 2nd party levels or get anywhere near being in a kingmaker situation for a coalition government. I think it is too soon still after the coalition with the conservatives and their failure in 2015 election. Just getting 5 or so seats will seem like success for them given where they are starting from,
  11. Well it didn't seem like your were agreeing and it doesn't now but I apologise if I misinterpreted you post. If you mean was the referendum result accepted by everyone of course it wasn't and does not have to be. But it has been accepted by the majority and importantly the government who are implementing Brexit. Nothing that has happened has derailed the result and it is unlikely to in the future and parliament has voted for it. You do seem to want Brexit as an 11th commandment and you are just not going to get 100% agreement across the country. We can't even agree on something on here. you personally would not have to accept a pro-europe vote in the election anymore than a remainer has to accept the referendum vote but that does not mean that a new government that had a manifesto of reversing Brexit was undemocratic just that you would not like it. Democracy would be intact because that is how the people voted in the election (nothing to do with a vote in parliament) and the government and parliament would be implementing the result. The referendum vote is not sacred or above an election result. The latest vote will always top the older one. You cannot cry foul when you say the referendum result was democracy and then say it would not be democracy if an election vote went against that referendum it just would mean people had changed their mind and the boot would be on the other foot. Again the election most likely will give the Conservatives the majority they seek and the path to Brexit will resume unhindered by and large. I don't see what there is to complain about. However, this will not stop people wanting a different outcome or trying to influence the outcome in some way.
  12. I think that would be true if they only went up. But what happens on a fairly regular 10 year or so cycle house prices crash and so on either curve up or down can cause issues. Long term of course house prices gave continued to climb overall.
  13. Of course it worked before and will again. The referendum voted for leave the government has called article 50 after a vote in Parliament to do so. Where is any evidence that the vote is not working and not delivering? The Government in their wisdom have chosen to call an election. This opens the debate to whatever parties and independents wish to campaign on including if anyone wished to do so reverse Brexit. As it happens no one is campaigning for this the closest we have is the Lib Dems who wish for a much softer Brexit than the Conservatives are aiming for. This is what having the election means and is our democracy in action. Firstly we are discussing something that won't happen. But given that your statement above is incorrect if in the election the people voted in a party to government that had a manifesto to reverse Brexit that would be a clear mandate perfectly in line with the democratic process. It would just mean enough people had changed their mind and the vote in the election being the newest is the more valid. All it would mean is that instead of remainers wishing a different result that position would now be held by the brexiteers. If people had to accept the vote in the referendum we must also accept the vote in the election whatever it may be. "Thou shall leave the EU" has not become the 11th commandment now carved in stone if the election vote said we have changed our mind that would be what needs to be implemented. Not sure how you would do it mind but there would be no real damage to anybodies integrity even if some would complain it was so. Again just for clarity, it is not going to happen. The Conservatives will win the election with a much bigger majority as the highly likely outcome. So Brexit negotiations will begin shortly after.
  14. Yes but imagine this. In the General election a party campaigns with a manifesto that does away with Brexit (and not even the Lib Dems are doing that just yet) and the majority of people vote for them and form a government. Would not that then be the current will of the people regardless of what happened last year? Now before you go running around screaming at this "nightmare scenario" it is fanciful and will not happen. However, it is the nature of a general election that it can trump what has gone before. but take a deep breath and consider that the current most likely outcome is that the Torys get an extra 55 seats and a whopping majority to do whatever they like over Brexit more or less without much of an opposition to hinder them. Gina Millar is a storm in a teacup and not relevant no matter how much money she spends.
  15. I think that is probably true. It is the only party in a position to do what she would like but although they may gain a few seats perhaps up to 5 is the poll of polls guess but it is nothing compared to the likely 55 MPs the Torys may gain.