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  1. Oops your right! My bad. I shall edit.
  2. This is a set-back for Trump no doubt as it was a key pre-election promise. With the Legislative defeating Obamacare repeals and The Judiciary defeating or at least taming the immigration ban the country can see how their style of government works and that the President is not all powerful on all matters. Excuse the Pun but the Executive does not trump the other pillars of the constitution.
  3. That is a weak counter to my point. Lots of wars have been started by proclaimed non religious factions and leaders and all wars started by human beings. I am not interested in getting into a downward spiral of tit-for-tat specious arguments. People are free to believe what they wish or not as they please in this country.
  4. I have no wish to get into a debate on religion but to think that if we did not have them we would have peace is naive in the extreme. If there is no god (of any kind) then there is only us humans and our need to find an excuse to do horrible things and it is us we are responsible for all the evil in the world no one else. If this person was violent and on a short trigger if it was not radicalisation that caused the outburst it would be something else. The logic of It is religion that causes all the violence and therefore if we got rid of religion it would stop is non sequitur and a fallacy
  5. Yes it's odd and of course any publication can make a mistake.
  6. Not saying you were wrong I just don't know. The pocket book I have is a Collins Gem published 2012. In the description it says as follows: ... Tiny scarlet-orange feet and large dagger-shaped black or black and orange beak. Sexes broadly similar. I will have to dig out my larger reference book and see what it says in there.
  7. Interesting, I did have a quick look in my pocket guide and it said that that either gender could have a black or black and orange beak rather than be a difference between genders.
  8. I think the Kingfisher is called Kevin but since they are hard to sex it may be his pal Dorothy.
  9. I do not really understand this need for non-muslims to feel the need for constant apologies from Muslim groups and complain when it is not apparent every news broadcast. For those that feel the need there is actually plenty of Muslims saying "not in my name" or similar if you care to look and many kindnesses and initiatives to try and stop young people becoming radicalised. This need serves little purpose and does not forward what is needed. Neither does a reaction to that of saying that Christians or whoever need to also apologise for past atrocities or actions. That way we start to have to pick sides and although entertainment for forumites who like a good historical argument it doesn't forward any kind of peaceful action. What is needed is for us to understand each other help young Muslims living in this country to see a different outlet for their frustrations and counter the propaganda they have access to by ISIS and others that can radicalise some. Grievances need to be listened to and offer a useful alternative to hate and violent action to vent them or mistakenly think that such actions will help their cause. What it always comes down to is that a peaceful existence is hard work and violence easy and a quick road to hell.
  10. Thank you. How interesting your experience is similar to mine. Germany in some ways had many merits. I enjoyed the food and beer but it is the one country where I faced direct and raw racism personally and witnessed it and violence towards Turkish gastarbeiters" A long time ago now though. I find the Dutch to be very friendly and tolerant although perhaps more conservative in rural areas and they seemed to like the Brits. I got on with them very well. The Norwegians I thought were just cool and seem to have it all sorted. It was an expensive place to be but it all seemed to work. I am told Sweden and Denmark is similar but never worked there. The Norwegians had nice jumpers too!
  11. Are you sure you quoted the right person? otherwise you are not making much sense right now. While I am at it I don't think MrSmelys post contained an ad hominem as it was not fallacious. You might not like it but that is not the point
  12. Pardon?
  13. Hee Hee! I saw what you did there!
  14. I have worked and visited several European countries too. Although I have liked many as they all have something that is admirable but none other than 2 have impressed me enough to consider living there. I enjoyed working in Germany but it was often like sitting on sand paper the Germans I worked with could rub me up the wrong way. I expect the country is different now as it was a long time ago and before unification. I also really liked my experiences in Slovakia but I would not live there, cheap cost of living though. The best was the Netherlands and Norway. I could probably live in either. However, I really like living here and if I never go abroad again that would be OK. This country fits me like a pair of old slippers and works for me I of course especially like the bit of North Wales I live in and the people here but not saying there are not other great places elsewhere in the UK.
  15. I saw the same footage and that was not my first thought. Just sayin'