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  1. Hello, i have been been looking online at these webasto burners that have been removed from bmw's volvos etc. What else is is needed with this unit to install one, I know there is no fuel pump but is there a connection on the unit where I can connect the fuel pump to? As as I have a D5W currently installed everything else is there, flow and returns fuel line exhaust I use a remote relay to start the eberspcher so could I have a similar set up with one of these? here is something similar that I have been looking at: regards
  2. I have had 3D renderings done of my boat before I fitted out by a guy I paid £60 I think. PM me if you want his details
  3. Hi good luck with your project seems interesting
  4. Thanks for the replies, all booked in.
  5. Hello does anybody have any recommendations for a bss examiner in the Milton Keynes area? Thank you
  6. Looks like we have the same boat, here is how I have done mine.
  7. Great would be interested to see how you get on. Also what size boat will you be putting this in?
  8. these electric conversion kits kits look quite good and not too expensive. The only thing you need to add is the batteries. I remember asking lynch how much their conversions kits were once and I think they came to about 6k without batteries although they were very helpful on the phone
  9. Hi did you get my pm? I'm in Milton Keynes and have a 35L diesel tank if you are interested
  10. I like the update thanks
  11. I wasn't ruling out the smell coming from the tank I have since moved the tank outside and the smell has reduced however there still is a slight smell so I think it may have been a combination of both possibly
  12. Please read above I actually said the opposite in my OP
  13. Hi it only seems to Be when running I did get a leak from where the decoking leaver goes in but tightened it up and it stopped maybe it needs a new seal
  14. Hi thanks for replies there is no vent on the tank do you think this could be the issue. There is no leak I have even pressure tested the pipe
  15. Definitely no leak I have looked everywhere