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  1. No need to treat,your personal choice if you don't like it, but nice to have something to lift your feet off the wet in the rain, less water in the boat
  2. Wooden slatting, let's the water flood out
  3. best thing with cows is to chase them first,
  4. Beeston iron lock?
  5. Climbing a ladder with a rope in your teeth and a lock key that you forgot to leave at the top when opening the gates is even more interesting
  6. As a plastic boat, I will never share a wide lock with a narrow boat again, even if they say they will tie up.
  7. The blacking may be antifoul
  8. It also doesn't take into account the different heights of lock landings, moorings etc
  9. Thank you , I am on a river at the moment, still all down
  10. How high would you suggest fitting it. Not sure why that is not just a permanent fixed fender Not sure how I would lift it for hurleston
  11. Small plastic boat, fenders down nearly all the time
  12. I think granite may be a bit heavy for W&T's boat
  13. Sorry, I miss read your OP
  14. NBCYC