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  1. Did you ever change the exhaust, I also want to change exhaust on my Isuzu 35
  2. Great, just bought some on ebayeBay
  3. That's really useful, thanks
  4. The current anti freeze in my central heating is pink in colour. Have been told not to mix differing sorts, i.e. Blue with pink. Can anyone tell me what type the pink wil be as need to top up. Called into Midland Chandlers and they only sell the blue type for engines. Also Halfords cannot help.
  5. Mounts no problem but valve clearance beyond me
  6. Hi Tony, good to hear from you. No sign of any smoke. Do you think it could be a fuel issue?
  7. It looks ok, is there any cleaning of the air intake to do?
  8. Ok, tested mounts again by putting large screwdriver underneath each and lifting, also checked bottom nuts, seem ok. Also no deposits around rubber mounts. Not sure where air intake is
  9. Will check the mounts again and come back, there isn't an air filter.
  10. Sorry, should have said that I have checked that and all ok.
  11. Isuzu 35 engine has been firing well for years, runs smoothly at all revs. Just recently at cruising speed, 1000 revs the engine soundis as though it's judering, t does not do this at 800 or 1200 revs. I filled with fuel about 30 hours engine time before the judder started. Have checked engine mounts and they seem fine. Filters changed about a month ago. When I run engine out of gear the judder is far less pronounced, no air filter in this type of engine...any ideas?
  12. Tony, many thanks for the well constructed and knowledgeable advice. Thought would update you, put in two isolation valves, when either or both turned off, problem still existed. Shelled out fior a new pump today.......problem solved. So both of the pumps I used have same problem. Rang Whale and they suspect it's a problem with the internal micro switches. Thanks for your time, appreciated. Have spent hours trying to sort this.
  13. Have just come to top up the header tank for my radiators. Bit concerned as the stuff I keep is blue, ready mixed and says on it, "silicate", I know that different types of anti freeze should not be mixed. The stuff in my header tank is red but the bottled stuff I have is very blue! Any ideas what type is in my radiator system or how do I check?
  14. Thanks but passed that already, heading for Hatton flight now. Do you think this could be connected, found the crud while exploring ump issues.
  15. Same OP, could there be a connection between crud and recycling pump?