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  1. I purchased my boat from Sawley Marina, great customer service, the sale went through smoothly from initial viewing, survey through to collection. Don't recall hearing any bad comments about them on here either.
  2. Hope it all works out for you, we have been living on our boat for two years now and it is absolutely bloody fantastic.
  3. Me too, but makes sense when you look at a pugs flat face.
  4. We keep all the blinds down and have 2 fans running in hot weather, seems to work well.
  5. Happy birthday, will give you a wave as we go past tomorrow.
  6. I have 15l ready to apply this summer, I very much doubt it is as good as 2 pack but apparently it is really easy and quick to apply. The hull does not need to be dry when it is applied.
  7. We have the same. If the temp in the boat is higher than the max on the wall stat the water will not heat up.
  8. Replacing with 4mm thick polycarbonate , cut to size £30 , collect in half hour. Should do the job.
  9. Have no idea who the original manufacturer is and they are a few years old I would imagine.
  10. The window was against the wall and there was a bottle of frozen water in front of a fan at one end that was quite close to the glass , maybe this might have caused it, sounds plausible. Cheers Richard, already looked at their website , will call them tomorrow.
  11. The wife is adamant that she never knocked it. I have heard of patio tables exploding in extreme heat but am at a loss as to why this happened. I now have to find somewhere local to supply a piece of glass.
  12. Took windows out this morning to let some air through a very warm boat. Nothing unusual so far, this afternoon the wife pkcked up a window to put it back in and it pretty much exploded . Has this happened to any body else? This is all that is left.
  13. Couldn't agree more.
  14. I would put in your final offer, let them know the money is waiting. They could go with new buyers and still not sell, if their survey brings up the same issues. Stand your ground and don't get into a bidding war.
  15. A bit of brush type draft excluder on the ends should do the trick.