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  1. If that bass sounds as good as it looks it should be decent. Fender precision bass aka Phil lynott would be my axe of choice.
  2. Is battery A the only one connected to the inverter? Doesn't look like it's connected to anything else , not the charger anyway.
  3. Matty , have you removed all the nuts from the battery connections or is this how it was. The last battery is connected to nothing....
  4. If all you are worried about is unlimited wi fi connection for webcam and social media then i am afraid boating is not for you.
  5. Tony Brooks has stated that the charger connections need to be connected to the same terminals as the main pos and neg, that's good enough for me.
  6. Cheers all, will be tidying up the wiring and putting it right in the next couple of weeks.
  7. Is the middle battery in 1 still acting as part of the bank as it isn't connected at the positive terminal to the end battery, as you say even I with my very limited knowledge didn't think this was right.
  8. Sorry Tony, it is a bank of 3 domestics. The starter is seperate. They have already been wired as in diagram 1, but this doesn't seem right as the method of wiring in 2 seems to be the more logical and balanced way.
  9. Are the batteries not better balanced in 2?
  10. Was down the engine hole today and had a quick look at battery connections and they are wired as in diagram 1. I have very limited electrical knowledge but is this correct or is diagram 2 correct or neither.
  11. Welcome to the proper boaters club.
  12. I hope you had the obligatory chilled toilet paper on hand.
  13. I think the main point in the op was the fact that the person who hit him was the person giving instructions to the hirers. The hire boaters will now think this is acceptable behaviour.
  14. 1. Get a survey. 2. £1400 is very expensive for blacking. 3. Get a survey. 4. Get a survey.
  15. I washed mine a couple of weeks ago and ended up in the drink. Note to self, let the rain do it for you. Sorted.