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  1. does it help to relocate your wellies storage locker (assuming you are still in them ) ?
  3. dunno how these Chinese ebay traders get away with selling stuff from their UK warehouse without CE certification (yes I am aware of the Chinese Export CE symbol, before we begin a diatribe about it ). mind you, in many cases it doesn't stop me from buying (gotta stretch the pension as far as possible).
  4. you don't 'alf make it sound difficult. IMHO it's just a case of NIKE. ............... years ago I was working in a joint venture with an Indian contractor. Their culture required them to request approval for every little thing they did. I visited a sportswear store and persuaded them to give me a huge NIKE poster, which I stuck on the wall behind my desk. Most requests were responded by me just pointing over my shoulder.
  5. Bristol made a big thing about investing in an experimental hydrogen powered ferry boat in the Floating harbour a few years ago. Since it was first demonstrated I have never seen it move. Moored up near SS Great Britain.
  6. wow! clever stuff.
  7. you would guarantee your water for consumption by third parties then? you seem to have missed the point that all components of the system you described should be cleaned and sterilised on a regular basis; how often do you do that (yes, including the tap and the hose you use for filling)?
  8. rubbish. he has a hole that he wants to extend by 30 to 40mm. no problem. take about 2 minutes each.
  9. it is because all those yogurt pots have a planing hull, with a gurt big immersed flat slab transom; just look at the turbulence created immediately behind any of those boats. It is as if the boat is trying to pull against a vacuum in the water. The bow wave is actually not too bad, but there is a stern wave like a big swell forming behind the boat which creates a significant disturbance. They are good at planing, rubbish at cruising at less than 20mph. I have recently modified my little yogurt pot by adding a 'sugar scoop' to the transom. Google it if you are interested. It fills in the hole behind the transom, providing a smooth exit path for the water displaced by the boat.
  10. what is wrong with using a standard 115mm angle grinder fitted with a standard grinding disc? provided you have mains power.
  11. no competition from the other unmentionable place then
  12. wot's the record for old thread revival?
  13. if you really intend to buy an outboard then I suggest you talk to a specialist dealer and get his advice. As you noted in the OP, outboards are normally sold as 'speedboat engines' and the prop size and RPM will be less than ideal for canal speeds and stopping in a hurry. You need a motor with a large prop and low RPM. obviously designed for the Mon and Brec !!
  14. the blunt bow or bulbous bow of a cargo ship is to fool physics into thinking the hull is longer than it really is, when applying Froude's number to calculate the maximum economic speed of the vessel. as a canal boat more than 10metres long will never approach 'hull speed' this relationship is not really relevant. A sharp bow and stern, and a smaller displacement (weight) that is characteristic of an inspection launch that was not designed to carry cargo, will offer less resistance and need less power for a given speed. in simplistic terms, 'hull speed' is the speed at which there is a single bow wave that crests again at the stern, supporting the hull horizontally. Go any faster and the stern crest moves behind the boat, which is now trying to climb a hill all the time. That speed will be approached by a small yogurt pot or a mini-narrowboat on a canal, and will make you very unpopular with continuous moorers.