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  1. That is what I wanted to say but thought I ought to be kind.
  2. Absolutely and that fast drop in charging current might be pointing to sulphated batteries as well.
  3. I bet the sensor is US. See if you can hire a mechanical oil pressure test kit.
  4. Sounds like an A127 to me but awaiting a photo, possibly a blown diode or diodes , or regulator as has been said.
  5. From memory those brake band friction lining were always thin but on this topic Bizzard or Richard are the men. Without inspecting it one can not be sure but it is exceptionally easy to bend the oil pump drive gear spindle (if not snap it right off) when refitting the gearbox so check the gear runs true and is not wobbling about. PS Richard AKA MES Midlands for your spares.
  6. Actually I have seen one or two old positive earth steel boats well perforated and in both cases they were repaired and converted to negative earth. I have not heard or seen about the same on properly wired negative earth boats. I suspect those old boats posed a solution risk if they sank so maybe the BSS has not got round to modern practices.
  7. I don't think its a safety risk but I am pretty well convinced it increases the chance of hull corrosion if any electrons find their path restricted by (say) a weld so bypass it via the water. However I doubt the about of time a horn would be in use would make a measurable difference.
  8. Be aware that the woodworking on a boat is not as straight forward as on land, especially if if the boat is floating. A spirit level and plumb line are pretty useless because the boat rolls and alters its trim as you move about and in any case the floor is unlikely to be horizontal fore to aft. The sides are also rarely vertical and much of cutting bulkheads etc. requires the use of patterns. Just a warning that land based tradespeople with no experience of boats may find it strange and price accordingly. crossed with Alan
  9. OK I put my hands up and apologise for making a general statement but am not apologising for making a statement that certain jobs seem to attract more than their fair share of shysters who seem to posses questionable ethics - WotEver has found another one!
  10. Rather then spend more money I think I would first try fitting plumbers pendulum type non-return valve between the inlet strainer and the pump. It will probably cost about a fiver and provides a backup to the pump valves. However if Whale are correct its the micro switches then a NRV will not make any difference. However I can not reconcile your symptoms with faulty micro switches.
  11. I would suggest that a broker is passing himself off as an EXPERT (legal word) in selling boats for their owners and as such has a duty of care not only to the owner but also to the buyer. I would suggest that you can not negate that duty of care by using such clauses. However as its never beed challenged and is unlikely to be there is little point in arguing about it. In my book brokers are the same as estate agents and MPs - in it for all they can get out of it and sod anyone else.
  12. They do but I think that if someone with sufficient funds took they to court that may well be judged an unfair contract term and be struck out. Not that it helps the OP in any way, more a comment on the ethics of the likes of brokers.
  13. But then if he did not make all reasonable checks on the veracity of the vendors statement the question of negligence arises.
  14. "Getting down to put the grease in" makes me suspect its a Vetus packless gland. If so has the OP read the VETUS (not the builder's nor vendor's instructions or even well meaning replied on here in respect of routine servicing. If not please do so. It might be scale on the shaft, a worn seal (coupling off to replace seal) or as the OP says the engine being out of line. However as the Vetus seal is flexible and as far as Vetus are concerned is paired with a Cutless shaft bearing there is a degree of compliance in the system that should allow for minor misalignment. If it is not a Vetus gland the above has no relevance so please identify or post a photo.
  15. I would have thought the broker should do the legwork rather than rely upon just a written statement.