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  1. Sorry OliveOyl,many appologies FWIW I mistakenly painted the front bit of our narrowboat with hammerite once, I picked up the wrong tin, it did seem to be a lot slippier than the back of the boat (not hammerite)
  2. Thats a bit personal init? ETA. Sorry, sorry, mis-read it
  3. Not easy to answer. Some solar is definitely better than non. A lot will depend on your daily power demand an daily charging regime and budget. As a minimum I would say 250W. You could always get an oversize controller and add further panels at a later date (although it will wont be as efficient)
  4. Just untie it, he probably ain't on it anyway
  5. i've got two in my opinion they are great. some people prefer steel stoves. What have they got fitted currently? it may be better to swap like for like. ETA.Or perhaps spoil the surprise and ask them, they may have a preference(or be reading the forum)
  6. I wouldn't rush out and buy one until you know what is under the paintwork. I should imagine it has been painted for a reason, and may need repainting again once you have prepared it, a simple polish may not be enough.
  7. Not much to offer i'm afraid, but think an angle grinder for polishing may be too fast
  8. Suspect you have them, but just in case:-!/Publications/c/2703498/offset=0&sort=normal
  9. Stop disturbing me. I'm still thinking about it. Haven't seen this Oates chap yet, but there is a bowl of mouldy porridge!
  10. Oh, I'm gonna have to sit in a darkened room for a while and think about that (and how its affected by Peukert) I may be some time..........
  11. That reads to me that you charge one bank from the other, i'm sure that isn't the case.What am I missing (maybe a brain?)
  12. Not if he has a grp roof!
  13. If you decide to replace,and also still have the PWM,you could use the old panel on the engine battery, space permitting.
  14. Go Mike! i'm with you 100 percent on this, or is it 80 percent!
  15. Cant help with that, as I only use cheapies. Lots on here seem to favour the Trojan T105s. As a rule of thumb I reckon the heavier the better, but just my opinion.