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  1. Looks like Trevor Whitling and Craig Allen were also recommended.
  2. I think it is stated on tb training website and the smartgauge website.
  3. Pretty poor from Yuasa! Or Yuasaless
  4. If it was already in place, presumably it would also be properly fused.
  5. The fuse is to protect the cable
  6. Wise man say..... All the work is in the preparation. Also probably depends if grp, steel or wood.
  7. Just get a recording of it, then playback louder than the engine you get. Sorted
  8. Looks like an ok boat to me. If your not going to live on it, the stove issue probably isn't so much of a problem on a shorter boat. You could end up ruling a lot out if you only look for a stove fitted in the middle.
  9. Also worth getting the river nene book/map You will have to travel the Nene to get to the great ouse (unless the boat is already there when you buy it)
  10. You could always get a gold license
  11. I don't recall if the subsequent advert was amended. I suppose it could have been a genuine error, or perhaps the seller wasn't themselves aware.
  12. I think we did try, but without success. It was a long time ago, and we were young a naive. These days i could tell the difference by looking.
  13. A Good point. The first boat we had surveyed was advertised as being 55 ft in length. We liked the boat, so had it surveyed, measured length 47ft. Had we bought a tape measure and measured it ourselves we could have saved some money. Or with a more experienced eye, could tell by looking.
  14. Did ya recover it?