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  1. I agree you don't actually need central heating if you have a multifuel stove, BUT the stove is a pain to quickly get going for a short time on cold Autumn/Spring mornings & evenings and central heating provides a secondary source of heating when the stove fails (broken door glass, cracked casting, etc).
  2. Tuttle Hill has had more spaces than moorings at least since we have regularly been using the Coventry Canal (June 2014). I thought perhaps CRT were deliberately running it down, although I hope not because my EoG mooring is based on 50% of Tuttle Hill mooring charges.
  3. Waterways World magazine once ran a statement in their April edition a few years ago, stating that multifuel stoves were to be banned . Caused quite a furore as I recall.
  4. You can also select the text you don't want and "cut" it. Much quicker than using backspace or delete.
  5. Another vote to explore the Ashby. You could also visit Coventry and visit the various museums and Cathedrals there.
  6. That's very far sighted of them, to anticipate the reopening of the Foxton Inclined Plane
  7. I suspect that it a growing number of people who can't be *rsed or cannot afford of replace their batteries. The year before last I was moored and the owner of the boat behind knocked and asked if I minded if he ran his engine "so he could have lights on". Last year I had two boat owners knock on on the boat to ask if I minded them running their engines, one so he could "watch the football".
  8. Just to echo what Howard and said. Most ex-Ownerships boats include up to three "special" shares, who effectively get first choice of summer holidays in exchange for a 20-25% premium on maintenence costs. Prior to buying our own boat when I retired, we had "special" shares in boats for 22 years, initially because of school age children and latterly to have a better chance of a couple of weeks boating in warm weather. We found sharing to be an excellent way to get a regular boating fix at a much lower price than hiring until we had time to make sufficient use of a boat of our own.
  9. One of the main advantages of buying an RCD compliant boat secondhand, is that it comes with a manual covering all aspects of design (including electrical and plumbing schematic diagrams) and installed equipment servicing/operation instructions. Even if some things have changed, it still gives you a head start in understanding how to operate and maintain the boat and it's installed equipment. I have amended the manual as I have added things to my boat, so that it stays relevant.
  10. Is this for an inland waterways equivalent variation on skinny dipping?
  11. We have an under mattress similar to this under our bed. No mould and no noise either.
  12. I went to visit a standby generator installation which utilised an "exhaust gas scrubber" once. Basically it was a tank full of water which the exhaust gases were forced to bubble through, to remove any black smoke. It worked well, but polluted the water in the tank so required daily water changes. The only downside was it created clouds of steam, but I suspect this was due to the relatively small volume of water in the tank. Apparently exhaust gas scrubbers were first fitted to diesel engined trains used in the mining industry. So I'm sure an exhaust extended below the water line would work provided measures were taken to prevent back siphoning. Not sure if it would attenuate the sound much though. Edited to add the last sentance.
  13. Blurry autokorrect. Edited now.
  14. This thread has reminded me of a jape the bullies used to do on certain victims. During the lunchbreak they would frogmarch the victim to an empty class room, which had an door central to the end wall, insert the window pole (similar to a boat hook and used to open/close high windows) through one blazer sleeve, across his back and out of the other sleeve and leave him there to be found by a teacher after lunch. Because the window pole was longer than his after arms, he couldn't get close enough to the door to turn the door handles and effect an escape. Tee hee
  15. "Atroy there" would be one way of addressing them