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  1. Seal the edges with a 2 pack paint to prevent moisture ingress. This was done on the deck boards (semi-trad) both of our shareboats, and the boards only needed replacing when the hex pattern wore through to the ply core.
  2. See my later post, where I remembered that the RCR engineer told me that the level should be checked with the dipstick screwed in, but the difference between the high and low marks is the same as the length of the thread. So unscrew the dipstick and fill to the lower mark to get the correct level.
  3. Very true, my autocorrect seems to have a mind of its own.
  4. The article says a CO detector was fitted, butility they arebnothink sure if it is operational yet. Unfortunately, just like smoke detectors in homes, some people will either not maintain them, test them or remove batteries to "prevent nuisance alarms". You can't legislate for that, only hope to educate.
  5. I had 4 fitted when DQ was out recently. Norton Canes Boatbuilders at Glascote Basin charged me £40 each including fitting but excluding VAT. Excellent value and very professional. Once the boat was out they told me my epoxy blacking was still good for another couple of years, rather than charging me to have it done unnecessarily. The old ones had eroded to less that 30% of their original size, and we're left on to continue eroding .
  6. My guess is that a hobby boater is on average on the boat for less time each year, therefore the risk of being on board when it goes boom is correspondingly smaller.
  7. Back in the day I used to do repairs on my rallying Mini Cooper S in a similar manner. The service van carried an old mattress and we used to roll it gently onto that, repair it and roll it back onto its wheels.
  8. Happy Birthday Zayna, have a gud un
  9. Happy Birthday Kedian, have a gud un
  10. There is no official register unless the boat in question has been registered as a "small ship" (most haven't). When I was buying, I looked for paperwork kept by the previous owner, licence renewal requests and confirmations, insurance renewals, servicing bills etc.
  11. I have bolt croppers on board. However they are for removing wire, mattresses etc from around the prop. Pity CRT don't reinstate the numerous side ponds around the system, and add boards detailing how to use them for those who don't know. It would add interest and save water. There are much more dangerous things than side ponds on our canal system.
  12. They probably demolished them during the pre-filming recce
  13. Looks like Woodeaves Cutting on the SU. What happened to the cross piece with the very short telegraph pole on it?
  14. To stop owners swapping them for other brands of propellor?
  15. Not convinced, the K&A didn't reopen until 1990 and bridge bars were common in the 1970's. The reason I gave was told to me by Anglo Welsh at Norbury Junction when we hired from them in the late 70's.