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  1. Go to Tingdene reading Si and use my name as a contact with the marina
  2. Snipped from London Boaters Facebook......... a Longboat .....
  3. Well I picked it up today and would like to just say a HUGE thank you to Anthony at Rose Narrowboats for the time and accuracy in making these new cans , it certinally stands alongside the best in my opinion for quality / weight and accuracy but A great can is enhanced by the paintwork and on ours Dave Moore has exceeded in spades all and any expectations .its not often I am stuck for words but when I first saw it I was speechless Thank you both for creating a "legacy" can that we will be proud to have on the cabin top of Hare Chris and Lise
  4. Nun
  5. didn't read the roolz Oerlikon
  6. No potty little houses for me
  7. Corner
  8. Magazine
  9. we have 6years currently on veto ( 1895) need to get one this year on Hare ( 1926) then every 6 after that Insurance and Risk Claims management ( IRCM ) Chris . . . . PS no penalty for a composting toilet LOL
  10. I have a degree in dealing with shit ...full stop
  11. LOL Mike ... Wine time as not long back from Italy Compost it works well for Lise and I mate ..... not saying its 100% and for everyone BUT it is another option It ( unlike cassette or pumpout) does require a degree of management
  12. Starry, this was purchased last year from his wife .. IF and that is typed in large bold font we had any inkling of this it would have affected our purchasing decision on moral grounds My comment at mrsmelly was compost related and nowt else,,,,,,,, and on that note it's wine o'clock
  13. Sometimes you can be a total twat , we have one and are happy with it different folks like different thing ....maybe you will enjoy the outer rings of Saturn ...;-)
  14. Tug No2) is now sold , but as to what the new owner is doing I have no idea It is still currently at Pyrford but moving off at the end of the month