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  1. Well it wasn't me as I took a kicking on the one bit I wanted
  2. Nigel Without wishing to get into a long and protracted discussion where two parties have differing views I would like to make a couple of points 1. The use of Rye Harbour / Anglia and Medway are fairly irrelevant as they are not mainstream waterways 2. The disparity on licencing costs I agree will have to be a mediated and balanced settlement but why should the owner of a pair of boats pay 2 x that of an equivalent wide beam When the current licencing policy was introduced there were not the nuber of wider than narrow craft on the water than now , so a fair and balanced solution is to find a balance point between revenue and style of boat The EA (THames) policy is in my opinion a fair one but those who own widebeams will say its unfair No win win here for anyone as we will end up paying more to whichever licencing authority we are bound to Chris
  3. Hahaha Mark .. nowt wrong with chip burners..... and ok Pete I will hold off a bit longer for the form though c
  4. LOL no probs .. be more than happy to have you as a guest .....
  5. I need to get the form in before the 15th March Pete so a decision by the 12th would work for me C
  6. Pete I am going and if you would like to be my guest I would be more than happy Chris]
  7. Probably the best thread on CWDF
  8. Now sold
  9. A can of worms indeed Tim.. and no matter what they decided there will always be winners and loosers They do need to get their act together and a unilateral licencing system needs to be found
  10. I understand that completely Tim.. but as you will agree there are x % more wides now than ever and I like many others do feel that the price should be proportionate Chris
  11. One thisng they NEED to do is to standardise as per EA licences to Length x Beam At present historic pairs are unfairly penalised while widebeams get away with it
  12. Still available
  13. I will second Jem or Ade @ Alvecote