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  1. Heard you come in a Geoff dropped the bridge. Consider yourself waved at from 2 stagings across towards the flats! N
  2. Ed Boden is mobile on that part of the cut and IIRC he moors at Maffers. 07841 048847 N
  3. But with estimatting a volume for Wales look you there are numerous excavated bits to be accounted for as well. Not as many as there were in the south but still plenty of slate caverns and the like in the north. N
  4. They do get seen and reported. CaRT just don't do anything about them until they have been through a long winded and inefficient process to get Kier authorised to mend them. The result of centralising engineering and a desire to avoid spending money except on cycling and running tracks. N
  5. The Aylesbury Arm is lovely. Nice scenery and Quite deep enough for ex-working boats. We have had Exe and Fulbourne go up and Planet up and down recently. Water levels can be an issue particularly passing Bates yard and sometimes below the staircase. The bridge at Puttenham is shy half its parapet and the one at lock 14 os being replaced, both as a result of vehicle damage but the cut has been cleared beneath both bridges. The towpath through bridge 16 is washed away, so keep to the right coming down. You will get a warm welcome at Circus Field basin (and up to two weeks freee mooring with hookup and water) if you call in and see ACS. See the boater with the Welcome Boat sign on the roof. Enjoy your trip. N
  6. If it is a steel roof weld them up and grind flush. Alternatively, get them bright and shiny inside and fill with Isopon, JB Weld or similar stuff then sand flush. N
  7. Oddly enough, gas pipe thickness is one area where the BSS actually sought some engineering analysis. Way back in the Allison days there was a lot of potentially non-compliant systems if BS 5482Pt3 or the then version of PD 5482 were the yardstick for pipework. There was also the proplem of how inexpert examiners could actually check what sort of pipe had been installed without dismantling or other disruptive testing. BSS office actually had the safe working pressure of assorted half-hard and annealed pipes worked out. In all cases this was way above the bottle pressure for either Butane or Propane so even a regulator runaway up was not going to cause a pipe failure. The Technical Committee thereupon agreed not to worry about having 'proper' gas pipe as there did not appear to be any problem with other sorts of pipe provided the material was OK. OT Most car brake pipes in the days MtB recalls were steel- hence their propensity to rust and fail the MOT. Posh cars had tungum, which does not rust.
  8. Not illegal, unless you are causing a statutory nuisance through noise or poĺution, say. Could also be a civil problem. N
  9. General info about R&H on the Internal Fire website under technical info the company histories. They are apparently part of Siemens these days. I believe the Indian operation was a licence build of some designs by by Greaves. Ray Hooley was the go to man for information but the archive now seems tobe with Lincolnshire council/university. Rustons are popular in the stationary engine fraternity so a look at the stationary engine sites and forums may be enlightening. N
  10. C&RT have one at Bradley. It will take a full size boat. Not sure it is in working order though- Lawrence H may be along to tell us more. N
  11. Bryan believes this was taken even before Ran Meinertzhagen set up in about 1955. He installed a sign on the white hut to the right, advertising his operations. He also brought moored boats, as moorings, awaiting sale or finishing being fitted out. There were several resident moorers by the time of the 1961 IWA National Rally. Bryan also says that the structure was in much worse condition by 1968 when he first arrived in the basin. The track on the right lead to a house at the rear of the brewery. The brewery, but not its barrel yard, was replaced by an office block and a Gulf petrol station which survived into the late 80's and were in turn replaced by housing. The "crane" at the very end of the arm was an ACS devised contraption which went up about the same time as Kingfisher House. It comprised a second-hand telegraph pole supporting the jib and wheel from a salvaged crane. It had a safe working load of nowt and no hoist rope.. It survived until the late 'nineties when the jib became rotten and was dismantled. The was a however a proper cast iron crane base in the timber yard at the end of the other arm of the basin. This survived until the later stages of the Waterside development after Sep 2013. N
  12. IIRC this was demolished when Kingfisher House ( red brick office block, once home to a tax office) was built. The canal was shortened, to about the nearest end of the cover and made wider at the same time, so as to preserve the net basin water area. Kingfisher House went up in the early 'seventies I think. I shall ask Bryan Barnes next time I see him.. N
  13. The Anson museum has a small working forge/smithy and several capable smiths. It is opposite the big Brotherhood sleeve valve engine. N
  14. There is also a Tesco in Amington near the newish road bridge and a v friendly (the boss says) smallish shop in Handsacre, as well as Michaels chip shop, next to The Crown. That is one super chippy. N
  15. Sorry, I don't understand this. The rubbish facility is in thee left hand part of the block, behind a steel bar door. It is a skip at low level With a low level acess door. The barred door has a non CRT lock but did not seem to have been vandalised or forced, just unlocked and left. There are no signs for a new rubbish site and non of the usual requests to use the nearest points at Fenny or Cosgrove. If we used the wrong place , where is the real facility now ? N