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  1. No Tim I ain't back, just a fleeting appearance to address an issue. got your pm though thanks.
  2. I made a couple of posts a couple of days ago mr. F purely to try out the new format, needless to say I was not impressed. i posted today for a self explanatory reason contained with the post. Worry not I won't be staying, partly because of posts like yours. It was against my better judgement because I knew some comedian would jump on my post saying exactly what you have.
  3. It is worth perhaps pointing out that this post is wholly inaccurate and in fact is nothing more than an overspill of a dispute on another forum. (Thunderboat). further the ex member does not have a right of reply on here because they have had their posting rights revoked. so it adds nothing factual or constructive to the subject being discussed.
  4. Why is it so 'clunky' on an iPad when scrolling?
  5. Why would that be a deterrent?
  6. Can anybody ever show us the details of any boater that has been prosecuted for not displaying a licence on a boat that is actually licensed? i bet the answer is an emphatic no...
  7. Too subtle for some I suspect. I'm done though.
  8. Well maybe I don't 'get it'. Whatever 'it' is.
  9. I think you will find whilst that is perfectly correct it takes somebody to fire the first shot. Which I did not. That makes you the aggressor.
  10. No I mean use the forum ignore facility... I admit it's not infallible though...
  11. If you don't wish to read something you don't like why not just ignore it?
  12. Repeated taunting from member Captain Pegg, leads me to question this. I am used to it on another forum but not used to have to do it on here. So if none boaters are not welcome on here anymore can somebody explain why because I missed the rule change memo.... Thanks.
  13. Come on Peggy answer the question, I can see you are looking. So where is the rule that says a none boat owner cannot post on here? Simple question, it only requires a very simple answer, is there one or isn't there one?
  14. My mistake.
  15. Why not share? I've lost a stone since 1st October 2016 and my BP has reduced correspondingly. Happy to share my target weight is 14st by my next birthday, what of it? What about you fatty?