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    Had to change user name used to be Alan W. ex owner of FMC Lily & small Woolwich Crater Ex hotel boat owner & operator

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  1. Some of the moulds for laying up GRP boats can be swiveled /tilted not looked into the "if's & but's" of how this is achieved.
  2. I would assume they were removed when the locks were restored in the 70/s? a good number were still in place at that time when the locks were unusable prior to restoration I attempted to deliver approx half a load of interlocking steel piles to the bottom of the flight in the early 60's but even with the help of the might of BW NW maintenance gang we failed miserably, the only achievement being flooding the road beside the flight after taking roughly 7 hours graft had to unload on to the lock side IIRC #5 lock & with great amount of hassle work back up the flight backwards to the top." Arh"one of the joys of pre restoration boating
  3. In late 1967 the then owner a guy from the north east; Newcastle area. It was at that time moored at Norbury, high bridge side of the village/Jcn road bridge on the off side, & between carrying contracts I rebuilt the PD2 for him, as far as I know it was still in place in 72 when I left the cut. Yes I remember his daughter posting at that time I think she lived in the Coventry area
  4. Years back"The Laidly Worm" (Sutton ) had one don' know about now.
  5. IIRC the first couple or so the steel hulls were built by SUC a tNorbury & wood cabins built at Fradley by Swan line Again IIRC the complete boats were built at Fradley
  6. Emerald had the bottom wooden strake & bottom replaced with steel in 1988 at Langley Mill boat yard the owner at that time was Colin Pailin
  7. As time passes the number of people with the capability/incentive to carry out restoration work decreases in much the same ratio as the cost rises & a good few people tend to pass them by I guess fearing the unknown, having heard on the tow path telegraph that steel is the only way to go, Shame a lot of incorrect info has become this is the way to go on all forms of canal matters
  8. I;was referring to the early 70's when they were active hotel boating
  9. Mabel & Forget Me Not ? look a lot different to the days of Froudie"s Hotel Pair
  10. Try removing the rocker covers & check the leak off pipe the solid small dia pipe inside the rocker cover they are known to crack/ silver soldering gives up If all is in order as said side plates off &check pumps to injector pipe work
  11. Thanks for the try Andy ,but am afraid all I get is as Peter "cept" mine comes up in English "Not available to view in your area (FR)" Shame.
  12. Yes the Steel lock was the only way to pass in early 60's as the "standard" lock was out of commission, a number of early leisure boaters required the assistance of the local "yoof on how to operate it, the fail safe gate locking bar seemed to be the stumbling block. It used to make me smile as the pub talk among the leisure boaters was the "ogre in the cupboard" Thurlwood Steel Lock.It was a shame that the maintenance on the Cheshire locks at that time was to tip loads of bricks etc into the chamber & abandon them making single lock passing
  13. We are a bit South west Dept 46 nearly into 47 I'll ask the next time I see him It might be a while as his visits are few & far between
  14. I think that would have been the Kellogg's advert re their statement on corn flakes
  15. 'Duh' no didn't even realise it was a video just saw the photo of the boat in the lock with the suds & it triggered the old brain cells