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    Had to change user name used to be Alan W. ex owner of FMC Lily & small Woolwich Crater Ex hotel boat owner & operator

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  1. A few years back we had a big pond on the property we lived in when we moved in the dozen or so ducks were already moved in( Mallards ) one day a white (presume domestic) duck appeared & stayed, the following spring it obviously nested & produced 8 ducklings of which 2were white 2 brown &4 were as the photos when they got their adult plumage There wasca bit of a turn over as the local wild life (foxes) had a good "nosh"every now & again I built them a hut & put it in the centre of the pond this helped to protect them some what.
  2. As Laurence says re Bantocks age etc.Does it still have a bottom wooden strake? or was it "modded when shortened?do you know who did the work on the rebuilding the swim, counter etc.
  3. In the 60's when we were contracted to BW to carry concrete piles from the works at Mk Drayton they also cast concrete pieces that built up into a square concrete tube of a length to slide stop planks into with a steel door on the end that could be closed/locked these were sited at some locks & by some bridge"ole's". I seem to remember transporting around 20 "kits" to various of the " Shroppie," Middlewich branch, & the Cheshire locks area of the T&M.
  4. We did this on our pair when they were fitted out for hotel boating 4 seasons & when the boats were put up for sale still in A1 condition
  5. I was always of the understanding that the widening of the locks on the north GU was to avoid trans shipment at Braunston allowing through passage from Brum to London &"tother way without having to swap buttys & /or unload at Braunston as said the Foxton plane was supposed to deal with the flight & the widening or duplicate locks at Watford would have allowed wide beam or narrow boat pairs to access the Soar Trent etc the T&M had duplicate locks on the Cheshire locks which speeded up passage but boats were still restricted the waterway to narrow beam boats IIRC they then found th at a number of bridges would also need some modification to take the proposed 14ft beam craft all the time the railways were taking trade from the canal so the money was not there to finish what had been set in motion.
  6. The one I had In my motor boat produced similar revs it, also had a fairly loud exhaust note, toward the end of my carrying days as leisure boats were getting thicker on the water the shouting "SLOW DOWN" occurred more often.I had slowed as much as i could & the swill from the deep draft was causing the water movement My get out clause was to hopefully look at them blankly & cup my hand around my ear & pointing toward the exhaust stack One time I heard a guy say to his mate. It's no good shouting he appears to be as deaf as he is f*****g blind to which I replied " Lucky I didn't bump you then" as they say on the master card advert the look on their faces " Priceless"
  7. If you are on board all day & can mount the panels to be able to tilt & swivel to enable to follow the sun if shinning it will give a higher charge rate. doing this with our motor home increased the charge length/output by between 5& 15%
  8. Charity Dock used to completely paint the T&G boards with red lead paint before fitting any cuts etc. were painted on assembly
  9. If that is your out drive I think the tilt handle fits in the small notched part on top of the pot shaped part on the left,the mech appears enclosed on the one in the photo. Do you have a handle that looks like an old fashioned car starting handle with a peg at right angles at the end of the bar? If yes this should fit in the notched upstand & be able to wind/twist it around after releasing the locking pin
  10. Working boats & other wooden cabin boats being repaired or built as the first leisure boats by Charity Dock, Malcolm Braine, Denis Cooper etc. used T&G boards Pitch paper & 6 mm /1/4" Tempered Masonite soaked in the cut & fitted wet so it tightened up as it dried out a thin strip of timber moulding or alloy covered the joints, with the improvement in sealants the joints now stand a much better/longer in staying waterproof.
  11. If you Google Enfield Z drive there is a PDF owners manual #'s list on PDF to view or Down load From memory the swivel around arla clock hands rather than the Usual OB fore/aft tilt
  12. I think this could possibly be a wooden hull with the overlapping metal ice plates ,many years back there was a derelict abandoned ice boat Newport side of lock 1 on the Newport & Shrews-bury canal this was a wooden boat with similar plating non of the BW guys at the Norbury yard could come up with a name It disappeared around the time SUC converted Lock 1 to a dock that would have been around 63/64
  13. Spanish Windlass
  14. Is the builder (if you know who) still in business? a call to them if so may help. does it still retain it's original name?
  15. Possibly upset by the honest, but not what he wanted to hear replies, maybe looking into buying the largest available USA type multiple slide out RV to find similar problems with camping/parking due to the size but then again possibly just given up on the idea's