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  1. Try not to encourage the lad too much, eh.
  2. Oh no! I was never any good at multiple choice! (Good idea - I'll be making one of those myself)
  3. I'd agree with this - if it was feasible, which it may or may not be. I always thought it was one of the nicer ones around; it would have been sad to see it replaced with something that actually improved things, let alone this. However, I'm not equipped to suggest anything better, so I'll leave my virtual 'long screwdriver' in my bag, hope our opinions are useful, and wish Rich M and those who are trying to find the most agreeable way forward the best of luck in their endeavours. It is good to see that user views are being sought.
  4. I know. Hardly any have a flight deck either, so they're missing out on prosecuting submarines at max range too. Stuck in their way, narrowboaters are.
  5. I use my old Ras Pi to hold the empty fridge door ajar when we leave the boat for extended periods.
  6. The old maxim "If it looks right, it probably is" also works in reverse, as these photos ably illustrate. My 'Engineer's Eye' is thoroughly offended! Still, it's nearly hurricane season and the odd one does end up tailing off in our direction...
  7. That, particularly the middle paragraph, puts my muddled thoughts into some semblance of sense. I have a customised thing I use every time I sign in where I click a few times on activity streams until i reach my Custom one. Sort of works, in that it filters to unread topics instead of showing every post, but I find it a nuisance, particularly on the phone where it involves scrolling. Once I've read a topic though it's gone forever as Mike points out. Pleased to see the post numbers - or I would be if I could! Is it an android thing that means they haven't appeared on my tablet? In short, it's the clunkiest of any forum I've used in recent years. Every other one I've looked at you simpy read and post without really noticing the medium: surely that's how good forum software should be? This one is hard work (for the user) in comparison for no extra reward that I can see. I suspect this comes across as a bit critical without a lot of constructive. I apologise if so; please don't think me ungrateful for the very obvious efforts to improve it as far as it has been.
  8. You'd think, wouldn't you. I think the damned thing most have a special oil repellent coating, cos it leaves barely a mark and certainly not usually enough to be definitive. It is how I do it, but it seems to take an inordinate number of attempts before I'm sure the level is right. I'll bet I'm not alone in this view as the PRM150 is not an uncommon gearbox.
  9. If your gonna replace your dipstick, I hope you do a better job than PRM - trying to judge the level of clean, clear oil level on my PRM150 shiny steel dipstick is a bloomin' nightmare!
  10. I can, but then I was in the Navy so I've had profanity training.
  11. I saw that and thought "it must be wrong - surely folk don't go to the trouble and danger of ruining a church roof for just over a quid a kilo". So I Googled the price of scrap lead and it appears that they do! In fact, I think this was a generous price because the figures I got were 42p to £1.00. I can only assume that legitimate folk such as yourself are benefiting from the police subsidising scrappies in your area to pay a little extra in order to encourage more scumbags to fall off church roofs?
  12. You tell the kids of today that! They won't believe you...
  13. I'm glad I didn't know that when I was watching it - I'd definitely have jumped out of the aeroplane!
  14. Have you forwarded this idea to CRT? If not, you should.
  15. Perhaps you're right. Whilst I have little sympathy for envious lazy whingers, I'm a bit sensitive when it comes to folks trying their socks off and still having everything turn to rat sh.. - I even struggle with Fawlty Towers a little bit on that front!