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  1. That's perfect - it's probably never gonna move anyway, and now there's no fear of it sinking!
  2. If ya cain't say nuthin' nice, don't say nuthin'!
  3. There's a big discount on roof paint right now as apparently no-one uses it any more. I've bought a shed load and I'm gonna try painting my garage floor with it.
  4. Good jobs guys! I have to say I'm a bit of a sucker for admiring the beautiful grain and features of the wood, so I'd maybe go for a clear gloss or even a satin laquer, but either way you've gotta be chuffed with your handiwork! Crikey, whilst I'm typing I discover Catweasel is at it too! Anyway, not only have I not made my own guitar, but I probably can't play as well as you guys either, so what do I know! (Other than when to be suitably impressed, which I am).
  5. Don't run yerself down so much DC; I've always thought you come across as quite bright!
  6. Someone will be first-posting on here shortly saying: "Help! I know nothing about boats, but I've just paid £14k for a lovely Narrowboat and 48hrs after handing over the cash (insert disaster here) has happened...!"
  7. Ah yes, so you did, and the Victron is good kit. I'd agree duplication, particularly with an inferior product, is false economy. As long as you have a 240 volt fridge, just leave the Victron to do its work, but bear in mind that it will represent a small but continuous draw even when no 240v appliances are actually drawing current and factor that into any power audit type calculations. The Mastervolt manual contains all the relevant figures and I'm sure the Victron manual will too, so download that if you don't already have it. Several reads might make other things a bit clearer too, but I confess I had to read mine a few times to really get my head around it and I'm a Chartered Engineer! Good luck - I hope you're getting a clearer idea of your needs.
  8. Iirc, the Victron BM will do that. You can set a alarm levels, although I haven't because sods law says that the alarm point occurs when you're deep asleep and you won't be thanked for running your engine at 3am so there's not much to be done about it. Far better to become battery aware and keep an eye on your gauge(s). You'll soon learn what sort of consumption keeps you within limits and what threatens your batteries, so overly-frequent checking isn't normally required unless you're doing something more than normal. I always look first thing in a morning at what I took out last night - I'm rarely below 12.4 volts. Your Victron inverter will trip on low volts if that occurs when its in use, but that might well be much too low to stay above your red line voltage and I don't know if that's adjustable on the Victron. If you can (unless you have a 240V fridge, say), switch off your inverter when not required so as to prevent it's idle current being an unnecessary drain. That 240v 1 watt led table lamp uses rather more once those inverter losses are factored in!
  9. Ok, point taken, but my post contained terms like 'personally', 'for me', etc, and was not targeted at those with far greater knowledge than most and who are perfectly able to choose their pattern for themselves - e.g. the OP, who has already expressed confusion. For some, 0% is the limit, but I think we'd agree that one can do rather better by drawing one's own red line somewhere above that, depending on what batteries one has. My red line remains at 60% for my Sealed Lead Acid batteries, but straying beyond that occasionally would not be the end of the world, just more taxing than my normal regime.
  10. The 50% idea (personally I use 60%, 12.2 resting volts) is a limit, not a target. My own usage pattern rarely takes me anywhere close to that limit as I tend to be on my way well before its reached, but seeing it approaching is a reasonable guide (for me) as to when I need to get frugal on electricity use - generally, again for me, that means the inverter stays off until I move or run the engine for a bit. The greater the distance you drop, the more stuffing you knock out.
  11. Well at least the CRT have now published that notice, which is good, so boaters can follow the sage advice they carefully included ... Oh, they didn't.
  12. Although I have Mastervolt, I'd be quite happy with your choice of Victron kit, so bank that as a good move. I do have a Victron battery monitor and find it easy to use to get the info I want by monitoring Amps when charging (to assess full charge by tail current) and Ah used plus Volts when discharging (there's 12v battery charge state charts on the Web - I try never to go below 12.2v resting voltage which equates to approx 60% charge). The Ah count is OK as an indication of how many Ah you've used since last full charge, but the percentage capacity remaining figure is a bit of a guess as it doesn't know what your ever decreasing actual total battery capacity is and if it resets to 100% charge before it genuinely is 100‰ it gets progressively more inaccurate. This is why some folk swear by the Smartgauge as it estimates percentage charge from voltage measurements using a 'clever' algorithm, so both gauges are often recommended to get a fuller picture, although not everyone is convinced. Once again, you can ruin an expensive set of batteries as quickly as a cheap set by a poor charging regime, so I'd be wary of shelling out big bucks til you're happy you've got the hang of it. Hope that helps a bit.
  13. He has a point in my book. Small contact areas of a hard metal windlass will certainly cause more wear than a broader contact and by a softer metal. Funny how such folk sometimes come across a bit like a telling off until you see their point (or even pretend to) when you suddenly seem to make their day! Even if you pretend, you'd be wise to think their point through later in case it is wisdom - you can always disregard it if it's not and still feel good about making his day.
  14. "It's windy enough to blow the anchors off yer buttons!" - Portland Bill

  15. Did you add the "F" bit yourself to make it read JFDI?