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  1. What temperature is the top of the engine at? It may well still be warming up and recirculating via the short pie back to the pump. As PeterG has said, warming up at low revs will take a long time. Is the recirc line back to the pump warmer than the feed line to the skin tanks?
  2. Looks like you need some wire cutters. I am darn sarf so cannot bring you some, but is anyone on here local and could deliver some to you?
  3. I had one of those. Mine was not very robust and after a few uses I chucked it. In any case to change the 15-20 litres of of oil in the engine requires filling and decanting the vacuum tank several times. I Understand the PELA pumps are better but a large one seems to be approx £90? Its easier to use the installed hand pump straight into an empty 25l container so that it can be taken off the boat and disposed of in one go. This takes approx 10 minutes so is an electric pump worthwhile?
  4. Dowty washers may be posh but they also work very well and can seal on mildly worn faces. I abandoned copper washers long ago.
  5. If you do not mind making holes n the metalwork how about self drilling screws? These are relaitively quick to install and work on heavey or light section steel. Then fix P clips, conduit, trunking or whatever you like. Look for "self drilling screw" in Toolstation etc
  6. Not tried this specific make must have tried similar at home and on the boat. OK if allowed to blaze with lots of air, otherwise lots of tarry deposits, we concluded they are not suitable and now stick to smokeless coal.
  7. I have recently bought Britains Birds by the RSPB. Seems good to me so far. I was trying to identify a bird on the canal near Kinver, seems it was probably a Great Northern Diver, so somewhat lost for a sea bird.
  8. Novel throttle mechanism?
  9. I have overhauled one of these pumps, its pretty straightforward but I have only done this once so cannot claim to be an expert. Is is definitely fuel leaking as you may get some lube oil?
  10. You could get a survey undertaken by a specialist e.g. I expect this company to be rather pricey. There are others and to an extent it depends on where the boat is as travel costs may be significant. Gardner Marine do however stock many spares so yo may want to browse the spares section of their web site..
  11. These people do nickel plating and have a good reputation locally (but I have not used them). I suggest you could get advice from them as to the suitability of nickel for outside use. Interested to see how you get on as we have a Francis light which I would like to get replated at some time. Set to the widest beam its great in tunnels.
  12. Interesting site. Note that they say they can remove chrome plating and leave the nickel plating underneath. I assume Francis lights are chrome on top of nickel?
  13. I have fitted one of those and the meter is OK, either correct or 1 digit out when compared to a DMM spot check. The resolution seems to be the limiting factor. The USB sockets work fine
  14. I would try to beg or borrow a tap. If you cannot and still want to go this way, try Tracy Tools, they do carbon steel taps for approx £30 +vat. You will need to decide if you want a taper or straight thread. Edited to add, Carbon steel taps probably no good if the tank is stainless, sorry should have thought of that before posting!)
  15. I suggest its all ballast. Slabs are commonly used.