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  1.,_the_aka_concrete_jungle&start=30 At the end of this film is some action opposite the sleeper depot, Bulls Bridge can be seen in the distance and the "Jam Ole" bridge appears. Motor boat is the "Callisto", owned by Arthur Goddard at that time I believe
  2. Bulls Bridge - just inside the Paddington arm - Western Region sleeper depot in distance!
  3. Trilby-hatted gentleman is Jack Roberts. An early boating holiday (1962) we were pulled along behind "Margaret" by the white horse "Mary" and I was given a tour of "Margaret"s cabin by Mr Roberts.
  4. I used to know someone who worked for Birmingham and Midland who went to live in Wadebridge - wonder if there's any connection................?
  5. I was talking to an old boatman some years ago who still had a free travel concession on the railways, dating from this period
  6. It had a ( ISTR incomplete) list of GUCCC boats so you could underline them. Perhaps not quite as rare as I thought!
  7. As rare as rocking horse poo!
  8. I seem to recall a picture of the "Aurora" being converted in an old BTW house mag, I'm thought it was Stanley Ferry.
  9. Makes me think of the Rain Hall Rock branch? - where's Pluto?!!
  10. I know beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but I don't think you can compare those noisy, smelly boxes on wheels with Gresley's A1/2/3/4s.............!
  11. There were two little Woolwich butties at S&L, the "Canis" being the other, and I seem to recall some small wooden GU butties as well? - put me out of my misery Pete!
  12. Perhaps it's a bit wide and it's spain in the neck to go anywhere!
  13. Dutton dock is used, also the yard at Preston Brook - long since gone. Nobody has yet mentioned Peter Froud who appears!
  14. 28 in my day......!
  15. How about Sidney McDonald with the "Badsey" and "Bideford"?