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  1. They had two ground paddles at the bottom end prior to restoration, one having extra gearing to be drawn before the other, due to the depth of the locks there.
  2. Spent some happy times in the Blacksmiths shop at Hillmorton with "Happy" Smith, who like his father before him was the "company's blacksmith there.
  3. One of the two "Peacock" nameplates sold at Auction in Crewe in April for £9000, whether it was the one off the boat I don't know.
  4. Check that the Lift Pump diaphragm hasn't got a hole in it!
  5. Yes, you're right - (this is what comes of sticking my head above the parapet!) It struck me also that afaik the "Venus" is still around - does that qualify as a Little Woolwich? (not composite though)
  6. Only three little Woolwich motors still with wooden bottoms, two of which are converted and only one unconverted.........
  7. Here's the photo you posted Laurence some time ago, "Lee" with a Petter PD2, as has "Anne" in the picture in the first post.
  8. Looks like Charlie Atkins in the bottom lock of the Wolverhampton 21. Is the Joey boat leaving Wolverley Court lock?
  9. I don't recall seeing this before...
  10. Just about to load cement......
  11. Must have felt a bit dizzy when painting the top bends..........
  12. I believe it's been secreted away at an unknown location, it's future uncertain.........
  13.,_the_aka_concrete_jungle&start=30 At the end of this film is some action opposite the sleeper depot, Bulls Bridge can be seen in the distance and the "Jam Ole" bridge appears. Motor boat is the "Callisto", owned by Arthur Goddard at that time I believe
  14. Bulls Bridge - just inside the Paddington arm - Western Region sleeper depot in distance!
  15. Trilby-hatted gentleman is Jack Roberts. An early boating holiday (1962) we were pulled along behind "Margaret" by the white horse "Mary" and I was given a tour of "Margaret"s cabin by Mr Roberts.