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  1. just a update on my waterbug inboard conversion for those that followed it ,and assisted . its all done and been running well ,when I eventually aligned z drive to flywheel and got softer engine mountings and a hundred other things,one thing, you remember I was concerned about most cabin cruisers Enfield leg drive rubber gator/ boot being submerged ,well pleased to say mines 5 inch out the water while stationary,it steers real well fwd and Rev ,may be due to extending the keel 30 inches to a knife edge ,Itl go in a straight line with no steering input for 200 yds . prior to the mod with the outboard on ,I was always on the steering wheel correcting it ,z drive needed 5 bearings in the top section, and when I get chance the top bevel gears need shimming,as it clatters and rattles more than I like it to.
  2. I'd have to agree with majictime 100%. After spending hrs and hrs welding and grinding ,fitting ,fetching stuff and buying £600 fridges £1000 rear cover etc etc,I'd have been better off going to work and earning a bit more ,and just buy one that's finished and done,if there is such a thing. I'm in a position that I can work on boat at home and do anything I want to it,but I'd never do another,the best place for a project boat or one thats nearly done ,is in my view best left where it is ,get one that's ready to go , Itl be cheaper in the end ,and you'll have less headaches
  3. Yes that was 18 month ago ,blue star surveys ,we went all over it 2.9 MM was the thinnest we could find ,it sounds thin to you lads with proper boats but he was happy. So am I ,it's been 30 years in and out water and I don't see any reason why it won't last another 10 or 20
  4. if it was round lincoln area ,I'd fully plate it from waterline down for £3000 but who's to say Itl need all doing, mines 30 years old and the only welding it's had done is when I cut it in half and extended it,and I can still fit it on a trailer, v bottom doesn't make diddly squat difference to any decent plater welder ,just means a bit ioverhead welding that takes a bit longer than in the flat or horizontal, 9 k what planet does he live on, I gave 3500 for mine but have extended hull and cabin fitted front deck and doors fitted leg and inboard ,rear canopy the list goes on and on if you want it with a trailer and a Diahatsu 4 trak I'd think about 16 k would buy it and I can't see that ever happening ,
  5. Just a short clip of me bringing it home for outboard to inboard conversion, never again! IMG_3314.MOV
  6. Oh and the prop I was so worried about is fine now I have reduced tickover speed to 850 rpm and removed my twin morse, I have fitted a single lever tx controll and find it Easy in comparison
  7. Well the exhaust in water test went ok. It bubbles like a hippo while stationary , but no ill effects ,when on the move you can't even see it's there , it just mixes with the flow from prop and keel,it's the flex stainless one on starboard ,the other 2 on port are flow and return to my keel cooler rad
  8. Up date on peppermint pig, exhaust in the water is no problem,and the 13x8 prop I was worried about is ok now I've got my engine speed down,and it's more controllable with a single lever controll ,I've managed to fit a lawnmower throttle and cable to the stop controll arm and position it in a place just before the engine stops,this takes all the free play out the pump rack and stops the Engine hunting , and reduces tickover speed as well,I've still got electric stop seloniod wired to key
  9. At least your out my way if I do get it launched ,am swapping twin lever morse to single lever as on a outboard,as i found it hard to use in a hurry ,and I'm not wanting any dramas
  10. Got as far as gunthorpe last year,,,it's nice scenery on the way
  11. Sorry to bother you  ,but what size prop did you have on the Norman with a  Enfield leg and  kubota engine,

    im in the middle of trying to find a ballpark to fit on my little water bug with a 3 cyl Mitsubshi ,similar to (ish) to yours

    what speed does kubota tick over at, I can't get mine any lower than 900 and it grates and crunches when engaging gears.thanks nick (peppermint pig)


  12. If I get my finger out,Saturday , there's more and more jobs to do on it,decided to get a Crx 80 fridge as fed up with messing about with a cool box ,fitting it and altering cupboard space to suit is a challenge in its self
  13. No prob not but when I put in in last week with all that wind my gear cable came off all I had was forward and nothing, that was real exciting only thing I could do was turn engine on/ off and try to let the wind help me,took a bit of getting back on trailer,
  14. cal, if you see me performing Ffs Keep out the way ,I don't want any insurance claims. That old prop is for a bit of a test ii may even pull it on to the fossdyke from the slip,,don't want anymore excitement at that site for a bit
  15. I'm hopefully getting it in water over Easter, I've welded a 40 MM stainless flexy pipe and it's at the he back of the transom,I'm trying it as it is in the water,and I can lift it out to make any mods to it if needed, I've enough length on it to swing it 90 deg then fit another 90 and put a stack pipe on if I have to