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  1. That made me smile. You are quite right why worry about a minute here or there on a canal boat :-) . I don't think it is totally about time but more about efficiency and division of labour. Over the years Iain and I have got into a routine so that we both just do our jobs at locks and as time has passed. He has increased his share of the work and I have decreased mine as that suited us best. I have never been comfortable crossing lock gates since I did a back flip off a top gate on the Wolverhampton 21 a few years ago. haggis
  2. I'm with you on this Brian. I find the same. If someone from another boat is standing beside the off side paddle they sometimes take some convincing to leave it and come across the gate as Iain will get it when he brings the boat in. I have found this with hirers , which is not surprising but when folk who have boated for a long time do it, it surprises me. I like efficiency :-) Haggis
  3. I never close the offside top paddle before I open the gate as I find that if I do by the time I cross the gate to open it, the level is not quite right and it seems to take ages for that last centimetre. Possibly caused by leakage at the bottom gates. When Iain brings the boat in, he shuts that paddle and walks to the other end to do one or both bottom paddles as others have said they do. Also when locking up, he gets off and shuts the off side paddle as the boat is leaving the lock. It all just seems to most efficient use of labour :-) . Haggis I see I didn't type quickly enough :-) I'll leave my post though as it mentions closing the top paddle on leaving. Again, I leave it open when I open the gate.
  4. As soon as possible, I think, as there aren't crossings every day and they don't let very many boats go at once Haggis
  5. Well, that should shut Sturgeon up for a while :-) . If her party get a trouncing at the local elections on 4th of May that should hopefully see the start of the demise of her party. We can only hope. Whatever the result of the General Election is, I wonder what effect it will have on Brexit or are we too far down the line now for things to be changed? haggis
  6. I wonder what fishermen taking part in these big competitions do when nature calls I am not thinking of watering the hedge but the other activity Can't remember ever seeing portaloos on the towpath Probably best not to think too hard :-). And folk complain about dog poo! Haggis
  7. LOL. Obviously, I didn't but having been brought up with six brothers I don't think I was protected much from the realities of life :-) haggis
  8. yes, I saw that but you were there and very abley (sp?) fought back . I think we will just have to agree to differ and I will continue to enjoy CWDF and perhaps pop in over there occasionally and, you never know, one day, it might have something of interest about boating :-) . As I said, each to his own and whatever floats your boat. haggis
  9. I understand that but the same subject seemed to crop up in several topics so a bit difficult at times to avoid. Your playground and mine must have been different :-) haggis
  10. What I read was way, way ahead of "taking the mickey", especially as the person who seemed to be the main target was not a member over there. I found it disturbing that folk could actually think and post what was being said. haggis Perhaps not but I think that was very mild compared with what some posters say over there. haggis
  11. The "other site" may not have insulted Tim but there seem to be several members who don't hold back when it comes to insulting other members on here. In fact, the last time I looked a high proportion of what was being said was about this site :-) . It amused me how two faced some folk were when you compared what they said here and there but I reckoned that was an indication of the mentality of the posters :-) . I did register "over there" but I haven't logged in for months as I found that the tone of the site didn't appeal to me. Each to his own though. haggis
  12. Your crew might feel the need to cycle along the towpath to set the next lock but there will be times when the boat and cyclist are in line. Saw this being done by another member of this parish and it certainly made the fishers flex thier muscles as they lifted the poles out of the way of boat and bike. haggis
  13. I think asking boaters to go slowly (ie slower than we usually do) for 17 miles is asking a bit much and surely the fisher folk won't expect boaters to crawl for that distance. Sometimes when we have passed fishing matches we have reduced our speed but not as far as tick over and have tried to maintain the same speed and position in the canal for all the fishing competitors thus trying to give them all the same chance. This seems to be well accepted but surely it is up to the fisher organisers to let boaters know what they expect and what is reasonable. Haggis
  14. but there is only one pole at north and one at south :-)
  15. Probably tempting fate, but the only time I can think of iain and I using a boat pole was when we went aground at the end of the leek branch. Completely our own fault as we ignored the signs about last winding hole and pressed on to the end, as one does :-) . We went aground on a lovely shallow bed of pebbles and despite moving the gas cylinders from the bows to stern, we had to use the pole to push us off. The pole on Kelpie would probably be pretty useless as it is a bit short but we think that is preferable to the multitude of poles our shared boat had. Some owners seemed to feel the need for at least two poles - at each end :-). haggis