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  1. The contents of artifical toilet additives can kill a dog if it chooses to snack on the natural contents Presumably it has the same effect on any animals. Haggis
  2. There is a coop just along from Glascote locks. Canal side at a bridge Not a huge supermarket but very useful Haggis
  3. Coming into Congleton (from the Bosley direction), several things happened at once The boat hit an underwater obstruction, I jumped off to look for shops and I asked a Walker if he knew where the shops were He said he was a stranger too then we noticed iain on his hands and knees on the towpath behind the boat. The young dog had fallen in and was swimming away from him Between the three of us we got the dog out and it was only when the guy was walking away I realised that it was the guy who is walking from lands end to John o groats If you read this, thanks for your help and we are sorry not to have realised who you were Haggis
  4. Thanks Nick Someone other time. You need to get some whisky on board although its is something we don't seem to run out of :-) Haggis
  5. Having finally found (again) how to post a new topic, here I am! We are out on Kelpie for a trip to Bugsworth basin and back to Streethay and it would be good to meet other CWDF ers along the way We are at Barlaston tonight Haggis
  6. Having caught up on several pages of this thread after being on limited WiFi I would like to wish calthanthe (hope I have spelled that right) all the best with solving his engine problems and I look forward to reading about his journey to Aston Haggis
  7. I think we are on the same wave length :-) Enjoy your retirement! All the best Ann
  8. I don't know what casuals are paid nor what the contract for the volunteers costs SC and I agree to a certain extent that it is not right that volunteers take away SC employees jobs but it is an SC decision to work this way. Had BWS allowed user operation of locks and bridges at the outset we wouldn't have been in this position now and a lot more people would enjoy boating in Scotland. It never ceases to amaze me that boaters everywhere apart from the lowland canals are capable of working locks - you are even allowed to do them yourself on the Crinan I have found the BWS /SC guys on the ground to be excellent but they are sadly let down by those in charge and as someone who put a lot of effort into helping get the millennium funding the future of our canals worries me Haggis
  9. Good that you are monitoring the volunteers doing the locks and I think if that had been done when the locks were operated by SC casuals you would have found that everything wasn't perfect then too. I know I saw some dangerous practices then which I reported Probably pretty even the efficiency /safety practices then and now As far as I understand the cost to SC of volunteers doing the locks is the equivalent of one paid person who organised the volunteers. It was SC 's decision to move to volunteer locking and the blame for casuals not being employed now is SC s not the company organising the volunteers Haggis
  10. Thank you! I think if BW had given me a reason when I first asked why our licences were so high, I would have accepted it . Thank you, Alan, I knew there was a 4 and 7 but didn't remember that it was 247%!. BW tried to wriggle out by saying that the management company had a share in the boats but this wasn't the case with OwnerShips although I believe Challenger kept back a small percentage. Although it was done in my name, I had a lot of support from other shared boat owners. Unlike the IWA who laughed at me down the phone when I phoned to ask for their support. It was a longtime ago and is probably my only claim to fame :-) Haggis
  11. Exactly! But they could identify boats shared and managed by the likes or OwnerShips, Challenger etc as they applied for the licences. When I raised the subject with BW Sally Ash, who seemed to be in charge of licencing at the time couldn't see the difference between shared ownership and timeshare boats. Eugene Baston of BW was a big help to me over the case (he agreed with me) and I often wonder where he is now. Haggis
  12. Ah, but it wasn't always like that! When we first took a share in a boat (managed by OwnerShips) the licence was in line with a hire boat licence and not a private boat licence. The shared boat licence was, I think 147% of a private boat licence. After a few years, I queried why we were being charged a higher licence and as they couldn't give me an answer, I took the case to the Ombudsman - and won. However, BW weren't happy with the result and we had to go back to the Ombudsman again. We won again! haggis
  13. From a fairly quick look, the second one appeals to me more and it looks more suitable for living on - washing machine etc. The first one, I reckon the beds would get wet and these front seats would probably be most uncomfortable to sit on as the seat and back are at right angles. Shared a boat with seats like that for many years and I used to take a folding chair to sit on haggis
  14. I tried not using the stirrups but I needed longer legs and I didn't have them with me :-) . On other canals, the balance beam usually has a flat metal plate attached to the bottom of the beam for stepping onto - and it is visible from above! Haggis
  15. LOL. I don't think either description fits me as the things I mentioned are all safety related, in my view. It is a lovely canal in many ways but just not on my top ten list :-) haggis