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  1. I thought the cables reacted with insulation?
  2. Shouldnt the power cables be run through something like this?
  3. However, this one i do likey!
  4. Does lovely mean something else in London? Some fresh cut bread on the kitchen side really sells it i think.
  5. If you have nothing running (fridge?) when in the marina then i wouldn't go big, of course the bilge pump is worth thinking about if you have a leak/leaky prop. If you moor up for a day or two when out cruising then you need to decide if you want the panels to assist with keeping the batteries topped up, less engine running? You need to work out power usage and go from there.
  6. Mine has a plain painted roof to match the sides, as cuthound says its lethal walking along it in the wet, i did buy some paint to go over it this year, but after cutting around my vents and chimney it looks really, really shiny, and slippy. Have now been thinking about a more grippy paint!
  7. Can recommend Bimble, got my kit from there and was very happy wit the service and kit.
  8. Do you mean keep your batteries topped up when moored and you are not on it? How big is your battery bank, what do you have running when you are not on the boat, how much power gets used when you are not on the boat? How much space on the roof do you have? How much do you want to spend? Fitting is easy by the way, its just deciding how much you need and how much you want to spend.
  9. I have one for sale at the minute...
  10. Can you tell i have spent time researching pubs up the Ashby? All for the good of the forum of course.
  11. i have turned my 57 at the hole after the tunnel with ease, i would be confident you can turn a 70ft there, but dont try and go past the footbridge with the boat, in fact i am not sure the fella in the boat who unlocks the gate would let you, but worth a walk though if you have time! The globe on the south side of the tunnel is very nice, great food and ale with a beer garden, just moor up before the tunnel and walk up the towpath to the pub. For stoke golding i would moor on the sharp left hand bend after the marina and moored boats on the right and walk back up the hill to the pubs, one has an indian restaurant behind it, a small shop is also there for provisions if you need anything, if you have time then you can moor at the visitor moorings at market bosworth and walk up the hill for pubs and shops, about 20 minute walk. you also have the rising sun at shackerstone, its signposted on the canal. the lime kilns just before you get to hinckley does a decent range of ales, food is ok, you can moor on the beer garden also. hawkesbury junction has the greyhound pub which is good for ales and food, if the sun is out check out the whippet around the back, a micro pub with a nice garden. from hawksbury into coventry basin i wouldnt stop, although you can moor at the back of the big tesco extra and walk around to get provisions, but its not worth stopping anywhere else till you get to the basin, if its full you can wind and then moor just outside the basin near the water points. if you are coming from atherstone through nuneaton then you have the anchor inn at hartshill, great food and a few ales on tap, you can moor right next to it, in nuneaton you have the horse shoes pub, for this you moor at the visitor moorings near boot wharf, you will see this place as they have loads of boats moored up being worked on, a quick walk up the hill and its over the road, good ales from the sprerin brewery. The ashby is a lovely canal and im sure you will enjoy it!
  12. Actually thinking of doing the blacking myself, might get it up the ramp at spring haven marina. Its the two main jobs i have no idea on, best start putting some pennies n the pot.
  13. Can kind of see where he is coming from, if its not a tight fit it might start to put a nick on each corner, but how many people use them and how long would it take, and does it rally matter.
  14. Got a couple of jobs that need doing this year that i dont want to attempt myself so was wondering how much time and money i would be looking at if i got a decent yard to do it. Drive plate needs changing as it rattles at low revs, nanni engine. Bearing, or something else on the tiller, where it comes out the ball joint looking part on top of my diesel tank. Any guesses? It also needs blacking so was thinking of doing these at the same time when its out the water, also have a check on the prop and steering plate thing as the top of it is bent.
  15. Not really, Bimble 20 amp £100, ebay 20 amp £80.