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  1. Or space to fit a stove near the middle, not a big job if the space is there.
  2. Gravenor is heading that way, set off from newbold this morning and should be at Braunston this afternoon. 07962 013199 Any fuel boats around Thrupp area, or any fuel on the bank, heading from Kiddlington to Lower Heyford next weekend and my fuel tank is looking very low!
  3. Google is your friend... Some leg work to be done!
  4. You want the stove ideally in the centre of the boat, better heat distribution, at one end you could struggle to get the other end warm/hot. Air cooled engines dont use water, so they cant heat a tank ( i think)?
  5. So what do you need to become a fuel boat? Dont say boat, or fuel, in terms of licence and legal stuff.
  6. I like stopping at Polesworth, i take a walk over the river bridge to the little shop there and pick up bits, then if the right time of the day, stop for a pint on the way back. Lovely little place, although if the river Anker didnt come through it then i would think that would be different.
  7. What is the bulb type, im sure bedazzled will have one to suit, much easier to just change the bulbs, if you like the fittings of course.
  8. I am making my boat into a walk though bathroom, i have a corridor at the minute and i am tired of walking sideways through it and bashing shoulders!
  9. You have to think draught also, makes certain parts of the canal hard work, and mooring in some places where its shallow. You mentioned overplating, is this on top of old steel, this will add weight, adding more could end in tears..
  10. Just means you have no corridor, so if someone is on the loo or in the shower and you need to get past the bathroom you have to walk though it and see them doing whatever they be doing! You have, or should have doors either side of the bathroom to close. Tidy little boat that, not sure i would want to live on it though as a couple, seems to be lacking room and storage.
  11. Sorry i misread your post, thinking you were putting the range in the stern. so yes get some weights in the bow and see how it performs, if the boat is in the water at the minute? You would need to fill the water tank also if thats at the bow end. Do it gradually if its in the water, keeping an eye on any outlets,drains getting close to the waterline.
  12. I moved my kitchen from middle to stern, i fitted a proper kitchen and with washer and fridge it did bring the back end down a bit, will you be fitting it to at the side, this will make the boat list a fair bit, so then you add 120kg of weight the other side to counter, then your back end comes down more... I would suggest getting something in the back end first that weighs the same, some bricks maybe, to see how much difference it makes, before sweating getting the cooker in.
  13. If they are still there next Sunday ill take them.
  14. I doubt it, they replaced a lot of timber i think so would have removed all trace of tar at a guess?
  15. Will it though, will stuff get brushed under the carpet.... With this government?