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  1. Sometimes, trying to tighten it up further helps to "break" the seal, before trying to loosen it.
  2. Victor.
  3. Really? I make sure all mine disappear from the pan!
  4. I don't think there is a share for sale in Black Swan. If you scroll down past the photos, it says that there are no shares for sale, it is just a template for anybody who has a share in a boat to sell.
  5. I bet there's no stratification on Tim and Pru's boat!
  6. Bill and Ben go into a pub. Bill says " flob dob flubba dub" and Ben says to the barman, "sorry about that, I'll get these, he's pissed!"
  7. My thoughts on these requests are "Go fund yourself!"
  8. Looking at his profile, he has only been on the boat 13 months, not 13 years, so perhaps the need for a BSSC has crept up on him, as presumably this would be the first one he has needed to obtain?
  9. Possibly. When I was deep sea on ships burning heavy fuel oil, we had 4 tanks. 2 held the dirty, unpurified oil, whilst the other 2 held the fuel which had been purified in a separator, which was the oil used in the engine. These were effectively our day tanks, changed over every day at noon. The oil discharge from the purifier/separator went into the not-in-use tank in case we had purifier issues and contaminated the fuel which was being used in the engine.
  10. Suez, and the Kiel Canal on a smaller one!
  11. I spent many hours cruising at night, but then it is difficult finding a mooring for a 200,000 tonne tanker!
  12. My local River Stour (East Kent) had a narrowboat on it last year. To get to it from the main system would be a crane-in job, or a trip down the Thames, around North Foreland and into the river via Pegwell Bay. The cruising range on the river is just a few miles and it is narrow and twisty.
  13. As the old saying goes - " Give a man a fish and you can feed him for a day, give him a fishing rod and you can make him miserable for the rest of his life!"
  14. The best pump outs we used to get on our share boat were when we were based at Blue Lias, Stockton. The chap who did the pumpouts used a Karcher pressure washer down the dump through hole in the bowl. And he used to take his time doing this as the pumpout was not on a timer.
  15. Could do with that rain here in East Kent. Haven't had any meaningful amount of rain since the end of June.